Foursquare @ Music Library

The Foursquare campaign at Music Library was held from 13 Jan to 29 Feb 2012. In order to redeem a small token gift (NUS Libraries stapler), users had to “check in” using the Foursquare application on their smart phones four times during the qualifying period. The contest was open to NUS students and staff only.

Users had to show their Loyalty Special screen to the staff at the Information Desk in order to redeem their prize.

The campaign was a success, as it increased the number of users of check-in at Music Library daily. A total of 87 check-ins were made from 13 Jan to 29 Feb, as compared to 6 check-ins over the same period the year before. This is a significant increase of 93%. In total, the prize was unlocked 12 times. This means that there were 12 instances where the students came to Music Library and checked-in over 4 days.

We thank all users for their participation and support in the Foursquare promotion.

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