Gifts from Teaching Staff

The Music Library has been very privileged to receive gifts of CDs and music scores from our teaching staff.

Dr Peter Edwards donated scores and CDs by visiting composer Christopher Adler in August 09.  Among these are : Ecstatic volutions in a neon haze; Epilogue for a dark day; Mineralia; and Transcontinental. Dr Edwards has also kindly donated his own compositions: Annicha : for flute, clarinet B major and piano (with a few preparations); and Puer natus est nobis (zu irgendeiner Zeit) : for orchestra ( – – pno, harp, 4 perc – strings).

Faculty member Prof Ho Chee Kong donated to the Music Library two CDs as gifts on 7 Sep 09. These are A cappella palette and Of passion & passages, which is a difficult to obtain CD in celebration of Keppel Corporation’s 40th anniversary.

Head of Cello Studies, Qin Liwei, donated Cello album Liwei Qin and Cello concerto : Sea pictures; Prelude from The Kingdom, Op. 51.

Dr Shiu Kawai has also given the library a CD entitled Exchange : China.


The Music Library wishes to thank the teaching staff for their generous donations. They have enriched our collection and our users have benefitted from these additions to the library.

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