Dr. Lim Ying Jie 

Ying Jie (Winston) Lim was born in Malaysia and subsequently moved to Singapore to pursue better life and education prospects. After completing his undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, he then moved to Canada to undertake his PhD studies under the supervision of Prof. Todd Lowary at the University of Alberta in Canada. In 2019, he returned to Singapore and joined the group of Prof. Shao-Qin Yao at the Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore as a postdoctoral research associate in April 2020, where he is currently working on the development of synthetic methodologies for late stage functionalization of drugs and bioactive natural products. Outside of the lab, he indulges on reading in his free time, and maintaining an active lifestyle that includes cycling, hiking or running on every weekend.


                   Dr. Dong  Xiao 



Graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine and awarded the Doctor’s degree of pharmacy in July 2019. He was mainly focused on “Construction of the nanoparticulate drug delivery systems for tumor targeting” during his Ph.D. In Aug 2019, he joined Prof. Yao’s group as a Post-doctoral. His research interests focus on construction of the stimuli-responsive nanoparticulate platforms for effective drug delivery.


Dr. Zhang  Changyu


Received the B. S. in Chemical Engineering and Technology from Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) in 2014. Then he joined Prof. Yi Long’s group to investigate the biochemistry of H2S by small-molecule organic fluorescence probes based on dual-reactive and dual-quenching strategy. He earned his Ph. D. in Jun. 2019 and then joined Prof. Yao’s group as a postdoc in Aug. 2019. His hobbies are running and watching soccer games.






    Dr. Tang Guanghui

Received his bachelor degree in Sichuan University in July 2012; then he joined to Prof. Pan Zhengying’s group in Peking University in 2012, research on developing selective covalent irreversible inhibitors of kinase and earned his doctor degree in January 2019. In March 2019, he joined to the prof. Yao’s group as a post-doctoral.

Du Shubo


graduated from Chemistry and Biological Chemistry department in NTU and joined Yao lab for her PhD studies in 2014. She enjoys reading a good book.