Year 2021

(as a corresponding PI*)

238. Biodegradable silica nanocapsules enable efficient nuclear-targeted delivery of native proteins for cancer therapy

xxxxx (2021), submitted.

Wei Du, Shubo Du, Xiao Dong, Hua Bai, Jiamin Jiang, Shiping Hao, Fen Yang, Qicai Xiao, Bei Zhang, Jingyan Ge, Liqian Gao, Lin Li,* Wei Huang,* Shao Q. Yao*

237. Stimuli-Responsive Self-Assembled Prodrugs in Cancer Therapy

xxxxx (2021), submitted.

Xiao Dong*, Rajeev K. Brahma, Yan Liu, Chao Fang, Jian Zhang, Shao Q. Yao*

236.Emerging Bioanalytical Techniques for Potential Applications in Point-of-Care Diagnostics

xxxxx (2021), submitted.

Junjie Qin*, Sing Yee Ong, Shao Q. Yao*

235.CPD-based nanoquenchers (qCPDs) for self-monitoring of intracellular gene delivery

xxxxx (2021), submitted.

Wenjie Lang, Shubo Du, Shuyi Wang, Dawei Hong, Liquan Zhu, Si Si Liew, Linye Jiang, Shao Q. Yao*, Jingyan Ge*

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PDF         (Suppl Info)

233. A reversible microarray immobilization strategy based on thiol-quinone reaction

Chin. Chem. Lett. (2021), in press.

Ling Feng, Ping Wang, Yi Feng, Jie Zhang, Qingxin Chen, Yusheng Xie , Jingdong Luo, Jiang Xia, Shao Q Yao, Hongyan Sun*

PDF         (Suppl Info)

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Xiao Dong, Sing Yee Ong, Changyu Zhang, Wenqiang Chen, Shubo Du, Qicai Xiao, Liqian Gao, Shao Q. Yao,*

PDF         (Suppl Info)

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Anal. Chem. (2021), 93, 12081-12089.

Changyu Zhang, Xiao Dong, Sing Yee Ong, Shao Q. Yao*

PDF         (Suppl Info)

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Qicai Xiao, Wei Du, Xiao Dong, Shubo Du, Sing Yee Ong, Guanghui Tang, Changyu Zhang, Fen Yang, Lin Li,* Liqian Gao,* Shao Q. Yao*

PDF         (Suppl Info)

229. Intracellular co-delivery of native antibody and siRNA for combination therapy by using biodegradable silica nanocapsules 

Biomaterials (2021), submitted.

Peiyan Yuan,* Fen Yang, Si Si Liew, Jiachang Yan, Xiao Dong, Jinfeng Wang, Shubo Du, Xin Mao, Liqian Gao, Shao Q. Yao*

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Hui Wang, Xin Wang, Ping Li,* Mingyan Dong, Shao Q. Yao,* Bo Tang*


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Adv. Mat. (2021), 33, 2007778.

Xiaolu Guo, Naidi Yang, Wenhui Ji, Hang Zhang, Xiao Dong, Zhiqiang Zhou, Lin Li*, Han-Ming Shen, Shao Q. Yao*, Wei Huang*

PDF         (Cover 1)           Cover 2

226. A Novel Electrophilic Warhead Targeting a Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Driver in Live Cells Revealed by “Inverse Drug Discovery”

J. Med. Chem. (2021), in press. 

Youlong Fan, Hongfei Si, Zhang Zhang, Liang Zhong, Chengjun Zhu, Zhibin Yin, Huilin Li, Guanghui Tang, Shao Q. Yao, Pinghua Sun, Zhi-Min Zhang,* Ke Ding,* Zhengqiu Li*

PDF         (Suppl Info)

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ACS Chem. Biol., (2021), submitted.

Jian Liu, Shuhong Guo, Chaonan Yuan, Jie Luo, Linye Jiang, Shubo Du, Lin Li, Shao Q. Yao,* Jingyan Ge*

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Chem. Sci. (2021), 12, 8288-8310.

Haixiao Fang, Bo Peng,* Qiong Wu, Sing Yee Ong, Lin Li* and Shao Q. Yao*

PDF           Cover

223. A proteome-wide selective, dual-targeting covalent inhibitor of VCP/p97 AAA-ATPase

Acta Pharm. Sin. B, (2021), in press.

Zi Ye, Ke Wang, Xiaofeng Jin, Lianguo Chen, Hao Chen, Guanghui Tang, Shao Q. Yao, Zhiqiang Feng,* Chong-Jing Zhang*

PDF         (Suppl Info)

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Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (2021), 60, 17797-17809.

Sing Yee Ong, Changyu Zhang, Xiao Dong* and Shao Q. Yao*


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Chem. Commun. (2021), 57, 3215-3218.

Si Si Liew, Jia Zhou, Lin Li* and Shao Q. Yao*

PDF         (Suppl Info)

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PDF  (Suppl Info 1) (Suppl Info 2)

218. In Vitro and In Vivo Demonstration of Ultra-Efficient and Broad-Spectrum Antibacterial Agents for Photodynamic Antibacterial Chemotherapy

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PDF  (Suppl Info)

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Chem. Eur. J. (2021), 27, 3575-3580.

Y.J. Lim, Y.L. Kuang, J. Wu* and S. Q. Yao*


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Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (2021), 60, 2232-2256.

S.S. Liew, X.F. Qin*, J. Zhou, L. Li*, W. Huang, S. Q. Yao*


Year 2020

215.  Versatile Multiplex Endogenous RNA Detection with Simultaneous Signal Normalization Using Mesoporous Silica Nanoquenchers

Peiyan Yuan,* Xin Mao, Si Si Liew, Shuang Wu, Yi Huang, Lin Li, Shao Q. Yao*

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (2020), 12, 57695-57709.

PDF            (Suppl Info)

214. Preface for the special issue on analysis of drug or drug targets by molecular imaging

J. Pharm. Anal. (2020), 10, doi: 10.1016/j.jpha.2020.09.005

Qian L*, Yao S.Q.


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Wenjie Lang, Chaonan Yuan, Liquan Zhu, Shubo Du, Linghui Qian, Jingyan Ge,* Shao Q. Yao*


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Chem. Commun., (2020), 56, 11473-11476.

S.S. Liew, C.W. Zhang, J. Zhang, H.Y. Sun, L. Li* and S.Q. Yao*

PDF  (Suppl Info)

211. Cell-Permeant Bioadaptors for Cytosolic Delivery of Native Antibodies - a “Mix-and-Go” Approach

ACS Cent. Sci. (2020), 6, 2362-2376.

S. Du, S.S. Liew, C.W. zhang, W. Du, W.J. Lang, C.C.Y. Yao, L. Li, J.Y. Ge,* S.Q. Yao*

PDF  (Suppl Info)

210. Novel Phenothiazinium-based Dyes as Lysosome-targeted Photosensitizers for Highly Efficient Photodynamic Antitumor Therapy

J. Med. Chem. (2020), 63, 4896-4907.

Q.C. Xiao, H.R. Lin, J. Wu, X. Pang, Q.M. Zhou, Y. Jiang, P. Wang, W.N. Leung, H. Lee, S. Jiang, S.Q. Yao, L.Q. Gao*, G. Liu*, C.S. Xu*

PDF  (Suppl Info)

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Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (2020), 59, 7536-7541.

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PDF  (Suppl Info) (Suppl Info II)

208. Vibration induced emission based internal standard fluorogenic probe for visualizing PTP1B in living cells

Chem. Commun. (2020), 56, 58-61.

Gong, Q.Y.; Qin, W.J.; Xiao, P.; Wu, X.; Li, L.;* Zhang, G.B.; Zhang, R.S.; Sun, J.P.;* Yao, S.Q.;* Huang, W.

PDF (Suppl Info)

207. Competition-Based Universal Photonic Crystal Biosensors by Using Antibody-Antigen Interaction

J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2020), 142, 417-423.

J.J Qin, X.Q. Li, L.X. Cao, S. Du, W. Wang*, S.Q. Yao*

PDF  (Suppl Info) (Suppl Info II)

Year 2019

206. Chemical Probes Reveal Sirt2’s New Function as a Robust “Eraser” of Lysine Lipoylation

J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2019), 141, 18428-18436.

Y.S. Xie, L.F. Chen, R. Wang, J.G. Wang, J.Y. Li, W. Xu, Y.X. Li, S.Q. Yao, L. Zhang, Q. Hao, H.Y. Sun*

PDF   (Suppl Info)

205. Rational Design of Nanocarriers for Protein Delivery.

Adv. Mat. (2019), 31, 1902791.

X. Qin, C. Yu, J. Wei, L. Li,* C. Zhang, Q. Wu, J. Liu, S.Q. Yao,* W. Huang,*


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Nano Lett. (2019), 19, 3671-3675.

M. Zhou, H. Huang, D. Wang, H. Lu, J. Chen, Z. Chai, S.Q. Yao, Y. Hu*

PDF (Suppl Info)

203. Mitochondria-Targeting Intracellular Delivery of Native Proteins by Using Biodegradable Silica Nanoparticles

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (2019), 58, 7657-7661.

P.Yuan, X. Mao, X. Wu, S. S. Liew, L. Li,*; S.Q. Yao*

PDF    (Suppl Info)

202. Live-cell imaging and profiling of c-Jun N-terminal kinases using covalent inhibitor-derived probes

Chem. Commun. (2019)  55, 1092-1095.

Qian, L.*; Pan, S.; Lee, J.-S.; Ge, J.; Li, L.*; Yao, S.Q.*

PDF     (Suppl Info)

Year 2018

201. Bypassing Endocytosis: Direct Cytosolic Delivery of Proteins

J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2018), 140, 15986-15996.

Du, S.; Liew, S.S.; Li, L.*; Yao, S.Q.*


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Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., (2018), 57, 10257-10262.

Mao, X; Yuan, P.*; Yu, C.; Li L.; Yao, S.Q.*

PDF     (Suppl Info)

199.   A Vinyl Sulfone-Based Fluorogenic Probe Capable of Selective Labelling of PHGDH in Live Mammalian Cells

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., (2018), 57, 579-583.

Pan, S.; Jang, S.-Y.; Liew, S. S.; Fu, J.; Wang, D.; Lee, J.-S.;* S.Q. Yao*

PDF     (Suppl Info)

198. Intracellular Delivery of Native Proteins Facilitated by Cell-Penetrating Poly(disulfide)s

Angew, Chem. Int. Ed.(2018), 57, 1532-1536.

Qian, L.; Fu, J.; Yuan, P.; Du, S.; Huang, W.; Li, L.;* Yao, S.Q.*

PDF  (Suppl Info)      Cover

197. MSN-on-a-Chip: Cell-Based Screenings Made Possible on a Small Molecule Microarray of Native Natural Product

ChemBioChem, (2018), 19, 986-996.

Peng, B.; Yu, C.; Du, S.; Liew, S. S.; Mao, X.; Yuan, P.; Na, Z.; Yao, S.Q*

PDF           (Suppl Info)

Year 2017

196. A Chemoselective Cleavable Fluorescence Turn-ON Linker for Proteomic Studies

Chem. Commun., (2017), 53, 13332-13335.

Liew, S. S.; Du, S.; Ge, J.; Pan, S.; Jang, S.-Y.; Lee, J.-S.;* Yao, S.Q.*

PDF  (Suppl Info)  (Suppl Info II)

195. Tetrazole-based Probes Enable Integration of Phenotypic Screening with Target Identification, and Distinct Profiling of a Cancer Biomarker

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., (2017), 56, 15044-15048..

Cheng, K.; Lee, J.-S.; Yao, S.Q.; Ding, K.;* Li, Z.*

PDF   (Suppl Info)

194. Iron modulates the activity of monoamine oxidase B in SH-SY5Y cells

BioMetals, (2017), 30:599–607

Lu, H.; Chen, J.; Huang, H.; Zhou, M.; Zhu, Q.; Yao, S.Q.; Chai, Z.; Hu, Y.


193. Intracellular Delivery of Functional Native Antibodies under Hypoxic Conditions by Using a Biodegradable Silica Nanoquencher

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., (2017),  56, 12481 –12485

Yuan, P.; Zhang, H.; Qian, L.; Mao, X.; Du, S.; Yu, C.; Peng, B.; Yao, S.Q.*

PDF   (Suppl Info)

192. Cell Type-Selective Imaging and Profiling of Newly Synthesized Proteomes by Using Puromycin Analogues

Chem. Commun., (2017),53, 8443-8446.

Du, S. Wang, D.; Peng, B.; Lee, J-S.; Ge, J.*; Yao, S.Q.*

PDF  (Suppl Info) 

191. A Suite of “Minimalist” Photo-Crosslinkers for Live-Cell Imaging and Chemical Proteomics: Case Study with BRD4 Inhibitors

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.,(2017),  56, 11816-11821.

Pan, S.; Jang, S.-Y; Wang, D.; Liew, S. S.; Li, Z.; Lee, J.-S.*; Yao, S.Q.*

PDF  (Suppl Info)

190. Cell-Penetrating Poly(disulfide)s-Based Hyperbranched Polymer for Simultaneous Intracellular Delivery of miRNAs and Small Molecule Drugs

Polymer Chem., (2017), 8, 4043–4051.

Yang, W.; Yu, C.*; Wu, C.; Yao, S.Q.; Wu, S.*

PDF   (Suppl Info)

189. Simultaneous Imaging of Endogenous Survivin mRNA and On-Demand Drug Release in Live Cells by Using a Mesoporous Silica Nanoquencher

Small.,(2017), 1700569

P. Yuan, X. Mao, K. C. Chong, J. Fu, S. Pan, S. Wu, C. Yu*, S. Q. Yao*

PDF   (Suppl Info)

188. A Reaction-based OFF-ON Near-infrared Fluorescent Probe for Imaging Alkaline Phosphatase Activity in Living Cells and Mice

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, (2017), 9, 6796-6803

Tan, Y.; Zhang, L.; Man, K.H.; Peltier, R.; Chen, G.; Zhang, H.; Zhou, L.; Wang, F.; Ho, D.; Yao, S.Q.; Hu, Y.;* Sun, H.*

PDF    (Suppl Info) 

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Methods Mol. Biol., (2017), 1518, 241-255

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Chem. Eur. J., (2017), 23, 360-369.

Qian, L.; Zhang, C.-J.; Wu, J.; Yao, S.Q.*

PDF    (Suppl Info) 

182. Rapid synthesis of flavone-based monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors targeting two active sites using click chemistry

Chem. Biol. Drug Des., (2017), 89, 141-151.

Jia, W. Z.; Cheng, F.; Zhang, Y. J.; Ge, J. Y.; Yao, S. Q.*; Zhu, Q*

PDF     (Suppl Info) 

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Wang, D.; Du, S.; Cazenave-Gassiot, A.; Ge, J.; Lee, J.-S.; Wenk, M.; Yao, S.Q.*

PDF.   (Suppl Info)

180. Small Molecule Microarray (SMM)-Based Discovery of PARP14 Inhibitors

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed,  (2017), 56, 248-253.

Peng, B.; Thorsell, A.-G.; Karlberg, T.; Schüler*, H.; Yao, S.Q.*

PDF    (Suppl Info) 

Year 2016

179. Fluorescent Probes for Single-Step Detection and Proteomic Profiling of HDACs

J. Am. Chem. Soc., (2016),138, 15596−15604

Xie, Y.; Ge, J.; Lei, H.; Peng, B.; Zhang, H.; Wang, D.; Pan, S.; Chen, G.; Chen, L.; Wang, Y.; Hao, Q.; Yao, S. Q.; Sun, H*

PDF   (Suppl Info)

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Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., (2016),55,9272-9276

Yu, C.; Qian, L.; Ge, J.; Fu, J.; Yuan, P.; Samantha C. L. Yao;Yao, S. Q.*

PDF      (Suppl Info)

177. Two-photon Small Molecule Enzymatic Probes

Acc. Chem. Res., (2016), 49, 626-634          

Qian, L.; Li, L.*; Yao, S.Q.*


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Chem. Eur. J., (2016), 22,7824-7836             

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PDF   (Suppl Info) 

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Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., (2016), 55,4933-4937.                      

Ge, J.; Zhang, C.-W.; Ng, X.W.; Peng, B.; Pan, S.; Du, S. Wang, D.; Li, L.; Lim, K.-L.; Wohland, T.; Yao, S.Q.*

PDF        (Suppl Info) 

174. Accelerated Cellular On- And Off-Target Screening Of Bioactive Compounds Using Microarrays

Org. Biol. Chem.(2016), 14,59-64                       

Fu, J.; Na, Z.; Peng, B.; Uttamchandani, M.*; Yao, S.Q.*

PDF    (Suppl Info) 

173. A Minimalist Fluorescent Probe for Differentiating Cys, Hcy and GSH in Live Cells

Chem. Sci., (2016),7,256-260                         

Zhang, H.; Liu, R.; Liu, J.; Li, L.; Wang, P.; Yao, S.Q.; Xu, Z.; Sun, H.

PDF  (Suppl Info) 

172. Tetrazole Photoclick Chemistry: Reinvestigating Its Suitability as a Bioorthogonal Reaction and Potential Applications

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., (2016), 55,2002-2006                

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PDF   (Suppl Info)   (Corrigendum)

171. Target identification of natural products and bioactive compounds using affinity-based probes

Nat. Prod. Rep., (2016), 33,612-620

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Sci. Rep., (2016), 6, 26385

Qian, L.; Zhang, C.; Li, L.; Gao, N.; Lim, K.-L.; Xu, Q.-H.; Yao, S. Q.*

PDF      (Suppl Info)

 Year 2015

169. Activity-based profiling of the proteasome pathway during hepatitis C virus infection

Proteomics, (2015), 15,3815-3825.                    

Nasheri, N.; Ning, Z.; Figeys, D.; Yao, S.; Goto, N. K.; Pezacki, J. P.

PDF   (Suppl Info) 

168. Intracellular Delivery of Functional Proteins and Native Drugs by Cell-Penetrating Poly(disulfide)s

J. Am.Chem. Soc., (2015), 137, 12153-12160

Fu, J.; Yu, C.; Li, L.; Yao, S.Q.*

PDF     (Suppl Info)          Movie

167. Single Vehicular Delivery of Antagomir and Small Molecules to Inhibit miR-122 Function in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells with “Smart” Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., (2015), 54,10574-10578

Yu, C.; Qian, L.; Uttamchandani, M.; Li, L.; Yao, S.Q.*

PDF    (Suppl Info)     Video

166. A Small Molecule Probe Capable of Selective Profiling and Imaging of Monoamine Oxidase B Activities in Parkinson’s Disease Models

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., (2015), 54, 10821-10825.

Li, L.; Zhang, C-W.; Ge, J.; Qian, L.; Chai, B-H.; Zhu, Q.; Lee, J.-S.; Lim, K.-L.; Yao, S.Q.*

PDF     (Suppl Info 1)

165. Controlled proliferation and screening of mammalian cells on a hydrogel-functionalized small molecule microarray

Chem. Commun., (2015), 51, 10431–10434

Zhu, B.; Jiang, B.; Na, Z.; Yao, S.Q.*

PDF    (Suppl Info 1)

164. Red-Emitting DPSB-Based Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles with High Two-Photon Brightness for Cell Membrane Imaging

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces,(2015),7,6754-6763

Liu, P.; Li, S.; Jin, Y.; Qian, L. Gao, N.; Yao, S.Q.; Huang, F.; Xu, Q.-H.; Cao, Y.

PDF      (Suppl Info 1)

163. Chemical proteomics of host-pathogen interaction

Chem. Biol., (2015), 22, 434-435

Ge, J.; Yao, S.Q.*


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Bioorg. Med. Chem., (2015), 23, 2917-2927

Zhu, B.; Ge, J.; Yao, S.Q.*

PDF        (Suppl Info 1)

161. In Situ Imaging And Proteome Profiling Indicate Andrographolide Is A Highly Promiscuous Compound

Sci. Rep., (2015), 5, 11522

Li, L.; Wijaya.H.; Samanta.S.; Lam, Y.*; Yao, S.Q.*

PDF     (Suppl Info 1)        (Suppl Info 2)

160. Highly Efficient Conjugated Polymer Based Nano-photosensitizers for Targeted Two-photon Photodynamic Therapy and Imaging.

Chem.Eur.J.,(2015), 21, 2214-2221

Shen, X.; Li, S.; Li, L.; Yao, S. Q.; Xu, Q. -H.

PDF     (Suppl Info 1)

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Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., (2015), 54, 2515-2519

Na, Z.; Peng, B.; Ng, S.; Pan, S.; Lee,J-S.; Shen, H.M.; Yao, S.Q.

PDF     (Suppl Info 1)

158. Multiplex Imaging and Cellular Target Identification of Kinase Inhibitors via an Affinity-Based Proteome Profiling Approach.

Sci.Rep.,(2015), 5:7724 (doi: 10.1038/srep07724).

Su, Y.; Pan, S.;Li, Z.; Li, L.;  Wu, X.; Hao, P.; Sze, S. K.; Yao, S.Q.*

PDF   (Suppl Info 1)  (Suppl Info 2)  (Suppl Info 3)


Year 2014

157. The zymogen of plasmepsin V from Plasmodium falciparum is enzymatically active

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PDF      (Suppl Info 1)       (Cover)

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Langmuir, (2014),30, 7623-7627.

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PDF     (Suppl Info 1)

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PDF      (Suppl Info 1)

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PDF     (Suppl Info 1)

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PDF     (Suppl Info)     (Suppl Video 1)     (Suppl Video 2)


Year 2013

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Year 2012

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PDF       (Suppl Info 1)     (Suppl Info 2) 

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(Top-10 download in OBC)


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(Top-10 download Aug 2010)           (Top-10 download Sep 2010)

PDF       (Suppl Info 1)     (Suppl Info 2)       (Suppl Info 3) 

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highlighted as “hot paper” by Chem Commun, Chemical Science magazine and Chemistry World.

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Voted the Top Access Article in the journal of ChemComm in Nov 2003. More…

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Voted the most downloaded article in the journal of ChemBiochem in 2003. More…

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