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DEC 2021 | ISSUE 41
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In keeping with our previous newsletter edition, this week’s newsletter delves further into the mystical aspects of space. How does one interpret the stars, and how has this practice evolved over time in different continents? In this edition of our newsletter, we recommend four titles to explore the different approaches to astronomy and astrology that have existed throughout history.

This Week’s Reads:

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This article examines the relations between astrology and astronomy, as well as the criticisms opposed by the latter to the former.

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This book discusses the union between early astrology and astronomy, in contrast to the modern dichotomy between science and superstition.

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This book sheds light on a topic which has been shrouded in mystery for centuries, having been kept secret by the Chinese Astronomical Bureau.

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This overview illuminates the role Muslim scientists played in the development of astronomy and astrology in the Eurasian world.
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Ancient Stories Retold

The Keeper of Stories – Abigail explores the fascinating world created by local author Suffian Hakim.

In this Singlit book, lovers of historical fiction and magical realism will be brought into a world filled with tears of laughter and sadness.

To read Abigail’s review of this magical story, head over to our website now!

Ancient Stories Retold

The Last Lecture – A father’s parting words to his children.

If tomorrow was our last day, how would we want to be remembered?

Randy Pausch, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon, was diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer and given only a few months to live. The Last Lecture was written to impart life lessons to his three young children. Along the way, these lessons have also changed the lives of many.

Daphne shares how these lessons have impacted her life and how it can impact yours too. To read more, head over to our website now!

Ancient Stories Retold

The Everywoman, Kim Jinyoung – Why is it so controversial?

In this review, Shauna Cheong shares about Kim Jinyoung, Born 1982, a novel that caused a sensation in Korea. Celebrities came under fire for promoting it, and couples even broke up over the contents of it. Given its innocuous nature as a recount of the life of a Korean millennial woman, what could have caused such an uproar?

To find out, head over to our website now!

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