Trees Die Too

First the rabbit, now the tree.

Every day for the longest time, TNL would walk a little slip road to get to her library.

Nobody ever takes this road.

It was her little quiet. With the birds, the trees and the big blue sky. The glory of creation displayed in this little part of the campus.

There was also a small bougainvillea tree that sits at the corner on its own. With bright fuschia flowers, it stood out cheerfully.

When they tore up the piece of land to build Alumni House and Guild House, the rabbit left. The kingfishers flew away.

But the the bougainvillea stood still. They hoarded up the area carving out spaces to build. But they left the tree alone. It stood bright as ever in the midst of the chaos, rubble, metal and stone. It bloomed and continued to look its brightest.

A few weeks ago, TNL saw it lying on its side. It laid there with its roots sticking out from the wet earth.

Day after day, its leaves started turning lighter and drier.

Then, one day, somebody had propped it up and stamped the wet earth to hold its roots down. Phew.. it was going to be ok.

Then, a few days ago as TNL walked by in the afternoon. She saw her tree one last time.

Time to say goodbye, TNL. The rain has come and gone.

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