Locate Your Textbooks in One Click

This is J.

J is at Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library.

J is looking for the textbook for ACC1006 Accounting Information Systems.

J takes out his smartphone. J clicks on a square of pixels.

J looks at his smartphone. The title of the book and its call number appear.

J goes to the RBR shelves. J looks for the call number of the book. J borrows the book.

Yay for J!

You have just read how QR codes can help you locate a textbook of one of the 10 Level 1 Business foundation modules.

Yup, folks. With smartphones and QR codes, suddenly, locating books at libraries got a tad easier and faster.

HSSML is piloting this project and hope you give us your feedback on it. Leave your comments here.

Other QR codes stuff we are doing – check out our journals collection.

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  2. titanlee

    Haha, its been so long since i’ve been back to the library!

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