Cool to be Square


QR codes are getting popular recently. We can see these little squares almost everywhere, from product advertisements to election posters. Search Google with the phrase “QR code” and you’ll be stunned by the 586,000,000 results!

We’re using QR codes at some of our libraries as well. At the third storey of the Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library, you’ll see these familiar black-and-white squares at the boxes for selected current journals. Now you can access your favorite journal titles such as Harvard Business Review and The Economist on the go!

How does the QR code work? Simply point your smartphone or tablet’s camera (make sure you have a QR code reader installed) at a QR code, and you’ll be led to our library’s subscription to the electronic journal.

With this new way of reading journals on the go, we’re sure you’ll be even more productive than ever!

Wong Wai Kit
Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library


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