A Suitable Color

The library is a boring place and librarians look nerdy, right?

Not so! We decided to shatter these myths by spicing up the Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library (HSSML) with an unconventional colour.

Do you notice the two display shelves when you enter the HSSML? We decided to turn them into the New Arrivals and Thematic Display shelves. Here is the timeline:

In week 1, we mulled over the shelf titles.

In week 2, we chose the books for display.

And in week 3, we discussed how to decorate the shelves.

The question that stumped us was: which colour scheme should we use?

We spent some time debating about the most eye-catching/trendy/matching colour. And we finally decided on pink.

Is pink too feminine for a business library? Remember the Pink Dot Movement on 18 July? Pink symbolizes equality and indiscriminate love, just as our mission to serve all users equally and with love.  🙂

Well, here’s the evidence that we are not afraid of the color pink:

The bookshelf with the new skin

Even the book holders are in pink

Remember Kah Wei and the “Bookman”?

Wong Wai Kit
Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library

  1. Tom&Jerry

    Thanks for the explanation of color pink. Now I will like the display shelves better. : )

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