Biz Amazing Race at HSSML

Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library was the starting point of Biz’s Amazing Race. And amazing it was! A race it was not quite.

TNL was there, of course. Who can resist watching a library transform (albeit only for that hour) into a noisy, rowdy, fun-filled place with students running around?

And what a transformation it was. Check it out.

There was a festive and colorful welcome at the entrance of the library. You can see the 3 librarians in the background. No, they were not just waiting around for students. They had spotted the Campus Security patrol car parked outside with lights flashing. It seems a car had skidded into a drain in front of the tennis courts.


The students started streaming in after the briefing in the LT. There were 6 teams. Each named after a hero. Ares was the first to come in. All the new students were in red and the seniors were in navy blue Ts.


First, they had to hear a short briefing about the library and its services. Here is a funny shot of Su Yian (one of the librarians) pointing at the Self-service Borrowing machine and the students looking at the Loans Desk.


After the briefing, 3 reps from each team were sent to Game Master Wai Kit who gave them their 1st clue. Each team had a different clue. But all of teams were required to locate the Call Number of a book (if you don’t know what a Call Number is, aiya, you should have come lah. Tsk, tsk, tsk…) from LINC+ and then locate the book on the shelf.

It doesn’t end there. They had to find a piece of information in the book to be given to the Games Master before he handed them the envelop for their next station.


Teams ran up (well, some did. Some thought time would stand still for them while they sauntered) to the 3rd Storey where the books and LINC+ terminals were.

When they got there, they tapped furiously away. Some were clever enough to take a pic of the screen which showed the Call Number of the book.



Then off they ran to the shelves to locate the book. Ah… here is where they stumbled. Some remembered just a part of the Call Number and got shocked when they realised, hey, there are tons of books with HD31! Which one, leh?



When they found the book they wanted, it was quickly scanning the book for that bit of information.


Then off they went to the Game Master to submit their answers to get the next clue. But wait.. first, they had to perform a mini activity…

Some got patted on their heads…


And 2 librarians got proposed to…




All things done, then, it is off to the next station.


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