Six-Dinner Sid by Inga Moore

TNL loves kiddy books.

Especially when the story and illustrations are so good that they come together to give you such a pleasant, happy experience that either makes you chuckle or wish you were in the story too.  

Sid is a clever black cat who lives in 6 different houses because he wants 6 dinners. His owners all love him but do not know about each other. Then, he got sick and his 6 owners brought him to the vet which resulted in him taking his medicine 6 times. The smart old vet noticed the same black cat and told on him. What happens to Sid after that wraps up the story beautifully.

The story comes alive because of the subtle cheekiness of the cat that permeates through the simple lines. Ms Moore creates each personality of the owner through her pictures and the names they give Sid.

We have a glimpse of the personalities of each owner in the roles Sid plays in each house. He is Bob the no-nonsense mouse catcher, Sooty the smoocher, silly Sally who loves to play, Scaramouche the one who sits proudly on a cushion and Schwartz the one who chases after dogs.

The ending is lovely and is guaranteed to bring a smile to any sour-puss’ face.

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