Oh, Sweet, Sweet Silence…

TNL lost her voice.

It may have been somewhere between Sentosa and Upper Bukit Timah. Very likely between Sunday afternoon and evening. And no, it wasn’t typically careless of her. She doesn’t quite lose it often. The loss, as you can imagine, was an inconvenience the poor old girl would rather not have.

What is a librarian without her voice? A quiet one, silly.

Her colleagues will tell you what a relief it is not to have hear that crotchety voice gradually building up to a high-pitched whine. The only reason her colleagues may want her voice back is when the Semester starts and her information literacy programmes start with its usual high numbers. Such friends she has.

But you know good old TNL. She can’t quite stay away. You can just about hear her nasally whine on online chat at the online chat (“Why doesn’t anybody want to hear me talk?”).

  1. Ruby Seng

    Sorry to hear that TNL has lost her voice and hope she finds it somewhere between Clementi and Upper Bukit Timah. LOL. Thank god for IM! 😉

  2. Author The Naked Librarian

    Thank you, Ruby Seng. Nope, still can’t find the elusive thing.

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