Vibrance: Artsbuzz Exhibition from 9-23 April

University life to Hall residents has been one of vibrance and fun. It provides us with an opportunity to get to know our environment and friends of different backgrounds, beliefs and ideals, thus painting our lives with rich colours beyond the scope of our usual palette. We hope that all viewers will appreciate the vibrance of university life more through our eyes.


These photos are all taken by KE Vision, a group of photographers comprised of both first-time and experienced users of digital SLRs from King Edward VII Hall. It is the first time we are exhibiting our works. We may not be professional but we are all true lovers of photography. The photos may not be great works of art, but they show how the photographers view and appreciate their lives. We hope that this exhibition will encourage us to keep on discovering the vibrance in our lives.

Cao Ying
Head of KE Vision

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