Save the Librarian

It’s been a while since I last posted, eh? I’m still here.

Yes, it’s the usual excuse – I have been busy. And it is an excuse. Even at the busiest time, I can still find time to post some thing or other. This time round… I guess I am just tired. Mentally, emotionally – the whole package. Am I stressed out? Do librarians get stressed out? That’s a good one.

I guess things sort of built up gradually and you get worn out bit by bit. Do you get that too? This semester is particularly tiring. Maybe it is because there are a whole lot more people asking more questions, there are more classes, new clients with new needs, etc.

There’s no shortage of stuff to blog about, mind you. You wont believe the MBAs I am getting this year. And what about them research fellows from a certain public policy school. And get this – I have had like 4 ISE students coming to see me so far. Yup, Industrial Systems Engineering people. All doing really interesting research for their final year projects. And to top it all, a 3rd year student asked whether he could observe us for a MNO paper. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

I think along the way, I seemed to have lost my sense of humor as well. There is this huge void between my ears. It’s like when you step into a huge, grey, cavernous car park and there aren’t any cars. What do you say when you are in a place like that? Nothing. Because every time you say something, there’s an echo. It just repeats and repeats itself. Tragic, isn’t it? I mean, really, what’s a librarian without her sense of humor? A librarian, I guess. This is going to kill me, right?

So what I can say – Save the librarian, save the world?

  1. Ruby Seng

    Hi TNL, just read this posting of yours and am very glad you’ve regained your sense of humour. Not sure if I interpreted your rehetorical question correctly, but I would save the librarian, coz she can indirectly save the world, first by inculcating good critical thinking and information searching skills in young minds :p

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