MNO1001 Video Presentation Ideas

I was at a class of MNO1001 in which a lovely, long-haired lecturer informed a LT of over 300 first years the video presentation they have to complete. Were there any groans? I don’t know. But all eyes were on the requirements of the video as they were flashed on the Powerpoint slides. Students are to use fairy tales or stories to present certain M&O topics such as managing stress, ethical issues and so on.


I wish I had projects like that back in those Jurassic days. Since we did not, you really can’t blame the old noggin getting slightly stirred up but not shaken. Since Recess Week is like the last ditch for assignments to wrap up, I thought I will just lay out some ideas for those who are scrapping the bottom of the barrel. If you make use of them, all I ask is that you acknowledge The Naked Librarian (that’s with a capital T, N and L, thank you very much).


These are merely vehicles from which your understanding of the M&O topic is presented. That content bit with all its principles, etc – I leave that to you.


Hanzel and Gretel

Hanzel and Gretel are greedy kids who are abandoned in the forest by their parents because they are eating everything in sight. They left a trail of bread because they wanted to save their M&Ms for later. When they see the witch’s candy house deep in the forest, they attack it with gusto. The witch realizes there are holes in her home, runs out and confronts them. She grabs them and locks them in a room. They eat their way out. Exasperated, the witch grabs them to throw them into the oven. They confront the witch and chide her for not allowing them to fulfill their craving for sweets. Witch breaks down and cries. She has had enough of the greedy world and that was why she hiding in the forest. She can’t cope with the fast changing outside world. Hanzel and Gretel’s “invasion” of her home made her realize that she cannot hide anymore and she does not know what to do. She is breaking down. Hanzel and Gretel feel sorry and coax and tell her how to manage her stress….



The witch locks Rapunzel in a tower to protect her from the evils of the world – sex, drugs and reality shows. Can she stop the onslaught? When the prince comes and penetrates (oops!) this protective tower and Rapunzel’s psyche (only), her eyes are opened. She plots with the prince to escape. When the witch discovers the deception, she cuts Rapunzel’s hair, a struggle ensues, the witch and prince fall from the tower. The witch dies and the prince is blinded. Rapunzel and the prince run off to start a new life. Rapunzel discovers life ain’t quite so yummy with a blind prince. How does she cope?


Have fun!

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