Unleash Your Search Power!

Our new and hotly anticipated enhanced library catalogue, LINC+, was launched on July 16th. This sleeker version seeks to provide users with a visually rich content display and more features to enhance navigation. It sits next to our traditional LINC in our new library portal.

With LINC+, staff and students will find the availability of faceted searching, tag clouds, reviews and summaries, fuzzy searching, etc. all coming together to provide an improved user experience.

New Features in LINC+



That’s not all! More enhancements will be introduced in LINC+ and the library portal in phases. These cool enhancements include expanded search results from multiple sources, coverage information of e-resource titles, and a history of your loan record.

Want to know more about LINC+ and our Library Portal? Keep an eye out for our Portal Road Show in August. This road show will see librarians going from faculty to faculty, bringing the portal and its benefits to you.

Meanwhile, try it out for yourself!

  1. DA

    Definitely more appealing and user-friendly than LINC. Great job on the upgrade!

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