NUS Libraries Gears up for the NUS Open House

That’s the NUS Difference!

This will be our university’s battle cry during the NUS Open House on the 15th and 16th of March. We in NUS Libraries are excited about this impending event as this will be a golden opportunity for us to highlight the qualities that truly set us apart from the other academic libraries out there.

This year, NUS Libraries plans to highlight our three “excellences”. One, our excellent academic collection, which, at 1.2 million print titles and over 30,000 electronic titles, is easily one of the largest in Singapore. Our second focus will be on our excellent services, where our library staff seek to live out our motto of service with passion and a smile and are always ready to help. Finally, what are excellent collections and services if these are not available anytime and anywhere? Our third “excellence” has to do with our connectivity, how students and staff can access our collection and information services 24/7, no matter the time of day, regardless of where they are.

Besides providing information to potential students, various libraries will also be conducting library tours. These tours will give visitors a chance to really get to know NUS Libraries and to see our vision of being an inspiration for knowledge and life manifested in our daily operations.

These last few days will see us making final preparations for the event and we are looking forward to going out there and making a NUS difference!

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