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Hi, I’m Jia Han, a Japanese Studies and Linguistics major.

To me, home also has a dark side. A place where emotional fatigue can strain relationships and create a bitter atmosphere. A place where I have to sometimes, ironically, leave to feel recharged.

Episode: Home Defense System, Master Project Manager of Season 1, High-Rise Dying


 Hey everyone, I am Stanley, a Japanese Studies major.

Personally, home is a significant place for me to do many things, such as school work (for some reason I cannot seem to focus when I study in the school library), indulge in my hobbies, and relax. With that said, the most important thing/place in my house is my mini home studio (a.k.a my room). It is not much, but the studio is a source of inspiration and a medium for me to enjoy what I love.

Episode: Home Defense System, Haunted Homes, plus Sound Engineer on many Season 1 episodes


Hi, I’m Aisyah, a Literature major.

For me, home goes beyond just the idea of a physical space. When I’m sitting on the sofa surrounded by the bustle of my family, I’m home. When I’m burying my face into my cat’s tummy as she struggles to get away, that’s home.  When my heart is full, I’m home. Just as we as humans remain ever-changing, so do our homes.

Episode: Haunted Homes


Hi, I’m Ryan, a Computer Science major.

Home is where I feel accepted regardless of my flaws, a place where I can turn to regardless of my circumstances. The world is unpredictable, but home will always be my source of comfort and stability.

Episode: Happy Dream Blocks and HomeWork Machine, plus Sound Engineer on many Season 1 episodes


Hi, I’m Abirami, a Psychology major.

Home to me is a constellation of the people, far beyond blood relations, many of whom I have crossed paths with out of sheer coincidence; people who despite having no real incentive to care for me at all, have moved mountains in my life out of their own goodwill. People who are miles away from the physical space that I call home, yet somehow always ever-present to me. Home is a deep nostalgia for the moments in time and space that have made me feel like I belong somewhere, the unchanging memories that I will constantly return to.

Episode: Home Defense System


Hello! I’m Naomi, a Japanese Studies and Art History student

To me, home is a set of images of the familiar. A still frame of my dad watching the television with our dog at his feet. A scene of my mum, pen in hand, writing her diary as she does every night. An image of a black stray cat taking up her usual spot outside the nearby supermarket. It is a mental catalogue filled with mundane scenes such as those described, which are nevertheless meaningful to me.

Project Manager and Media Liaison Officer on Season 1


Hello! I am Ruby, a Geography major.

To me, home is where the heart is. Home is a fluid space, it can be made up of many places. I find home in the process of commuting to NUS, home at my desk in the corner of my HDB flat, home when I am with my family and friends.

Episode: Home Brew



Hi, I’m Celia, a Japanese Studies and Sociology major.

Home is where your heart is, if your heart is there, it’s home. I’ve remembered this line from a song in Madeline since I was a kid, and it basically encapsulates my beliefs about home. To me, home is about the people you’re with and the feelings you attach to all the different places you visit every day.

Episode: Home Sweet Mall


Others too shy to provide profiles and photos:

Tang Hui Jun — Episode: Happy Dream Blocks, plus Sound Engineer on all Season 1 episodes and Halfway Home in Season 2. HOTD theme composer, and designer of the Season 1 HOTD icon

Max Chan Weng Kin — Episode: A Place Out of Time

Esther Koh — Episode: Home Campus

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