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University offers many young people their first chance to live away from home. Staying on campus can be liberating, with the freedom to try new things and meet new people. It can also be overwhelming, with so many distractions competing with study time.

How can universities make students feel at home on campus? And how can students manage the stress and excitement of university life without the emotional and physical comforts of home? In this episode Esther reflects on her experience living on the NUS campus, and she interviews friends who help her understand the efforts in design and social engineering made by the university to make residents feel at home.

Finally, Ryan, Alex, and Bryan, residents of one of NUS’ residential colleges, Tembusu, discuss the joys and difficulties of adjusting to campus life while balancing school work. They also introduce their attempts to help others adjust through their online magazine, TreeHouse.

Original music by Hui Jun. Special thanks to Dr Connor Graham, Tembusu College, National University of Singapore, and Tembusu College for the photos. 

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A typical single room at Tembusu
Tembusu Welcome Week for incoming freshmen
Tembusu inaugural dinner
Students from Tembusu’s Ponya and Tancho house celebrating a good game of frisbee at the Tembusu House Games (THG)

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One Day in CAPT [Video file]

TreeHouse, Tembusu College’s Student Journal



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