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What is home to you?
For many, “home” is an everyday space taken for granted. However, home has long been a central concern of scholars across the social sciences and humanities, since it is tied to broad concerns about belonging, identity (individual, local, national), family, gender, travel, legal title, commercial interests, domestic consumption, architecture and design, and more.

What makes a house a home?
What social relations, political circumstances, technologies, design elements, and more create a sense of home? How do representations of home – including music, poetry, art, film, and more – feed into particularly nostalgic, nationalistic, gendered, etc. conceptions of home? How can we rethink the idea of home to be more inclusive and dynamic? This podcast explores these questions in the context of Singapore.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and thanks to NUS Associate Provost (Undergraduate Education) Erle Lim Chuen Hian for his technical advice and financial support through a generous LIFT Grant.

We would also like to thank Ms He Wanyun, Education Technologist, NUS Centre for Instructional Technology, for her kind help in setting up this site, and with her expert technical advice on podcasting.

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