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Home Brew

What is the flavor of home? What is the flavor of Singapore? There are plenty of national dishes, including chicken rice. But if there is a national breakfast, it’s eggs, toast, and coffee; three simple elements that constitute the flavor of home for many Singaporeans, wherever they are in the world. In this episode, student-producer Ruby introduces us to the simple breakfast served at kopitiam, or coffee shops, that brew a strong cup of coffee throughout Singapore, and she highlights one of the companies that has standardized this Singaporean breakfast and taken it overseas: Ya Kun Kaya Toast. She also speaks with cultural geographer Ong Chin Ee, who shares his thoughts on Singapore’s food culture, globalization, and the dangers of mummifying foodways. 

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Additional links about Ya Kun:

– Dr Ong Chin Ee Profile –

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Our student-producer Ruby during one of the recording sessions for the episode.

– The iconic Singapore breakfast: Runny eggs, Nanyang style coffee – kopi, and toast with kaya jam and butter
Image source: Ya Kun Facebook

– A Ya Kun outlet at a shopping mall in Singapore (Suntec City)
Image Source: Ya Kun Singapore Facebook

– A branch of Ya Kun in South Korea. Note the similarities in design of the shop compared to Singapore.
Image Source: The Straits Times

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