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Hi, I’m Chris McMorran, Associate Professor in the Department of Japanese Studies.

I grew up in Iowa, but I’ve lived outside the U.S for most of my adult life, between Japan and Singapore. I’ve been teaching and researching about home for several years now, which makes defining home increasingly difficult for me. It is both a location and a feeling. But I know that location can easily change, and I’m adaptable enough to be able to feel “at home” elsewhere. I guess home is mostly the sense of comfort and belonging I feel when I’m with my partner. When I’m with her, I’m home.


Hello! I’m David, a Music, Collaboration & Production major from YSTCM.

Sound is a big part of our everyday lives, and I work with the team to craft and enhance our surroundings through this medium. Home is a place where I feel safe and a sense of belonging, where I’m comfortable enough to let my hair down and be inspired to create. Certain sounds, like the kids playing at the playground at my estate, the familiar jazz music playing in the family room remain dear to me, solely because they remind me of home.

Episode: Sound Engineer for all of Season 2


Hi I’m Johann! I’m an Audio Arts & Science major from the YST faculty!

I work with the team to help bring all the creative ideas to life with the sounds of Singapore and Home. Sound plays a big part in shaping our ideas and perception of what a Home is. The sounds of family chatter, children, pets and TV playing in the background can provide a comforting sense of familiarity and safety where we can let loose and be ourselves. But beyond that, Home can be bigger than the idea of a physical place. I believe Home is where people can come together and be vulnerable, to still show love and affection to one another despite differences and imperfections.

Episode: Sound Engineer for all of Season 2


Greetings! My name is Shaun and I am a Japanese Studies and History Major.

I regard home as a space where I feel the most comfortable, regardless of where I am, or who I am with. Having the willingness to build up such an environment, slowly over time, is a goal that I believe many should aim to do, to find the space where you truly belong.

Master Project Manager of Season 2 and Season 3


Hello everyone, I am Shriya and I study Political Science and Communications.

Home, simply put, to me is my personal space where I can truly be my authentic self, shed the social persona I own. Home is appreciated as a figurative space that allows me to be comfortable in my own skin, usually filled by the ones closest to me. Home is not bound by 4 walls, it’s something I carry with myself daily.

Episode: Homemade Tale


Hi! I am Dana, a Japanese Studies major.

Home to me is the protection of four walls and more. It comes in fragments and resides in the hearts of my family and close friends. In a state where I am constantly growing and changing, their company and guidance helped me to see through my highs and lows and be truly at ease. Together, they built this map of familiar warm places and no matter where I am, as long as I am with them I am home.

Episode: Hooray for the Void and Designer of the HOTD Season 2 Icon


Hi, my name is Wei Yun and I am a Sociology major.

Home is where I can rest my tired body, recuperate from the bustling streets, indulge endlessly in my hobbies and take comfort in the safety it provides. Home is also belongingness, acceptance and where love resides.

Episode: Halfway Home


Hi! I am Ching May, a Japanese Studies Major.

To me, home is a space that brings comfort. As a site separated from public life, home is where I don’t feel bad wearing silly-looking T-shirts and humming random songs.

Episode: Homelanding



Hi, I’m Raudhah, a Sociology major.

To me, home is defined by the comfort I get from being around my friends and family. It’s no surprise then that my house will be the very epitome of home to me. My favourite room would be the living room, because it’s where my family sits for dinner together and tries to outdo each other when we’re trying to solve puzzles shown on the TV show “Wheel of Fortune”.

Episode: A Nation’s Dining Room


Hey there! I’m Samantha, a Linguistics major.

Home to me is quite simply where, who and what I long to return to – a place, a person, a particular taste, feeling, smell or routine. And not just any place or thing to return to temporarily, like a hotel room. Home essentially, for most of us I believe, is often held in our hearts and minds as the ultimate destination that all journeys we set out on in life lead back to.

Episode: Home School


Yahallo! I’m Zack, a Japanese Studies Major.

Home for me is unconditional. It is often my safe haven and full of joy, but at times it causes grief and sows discord. Yet no matter how much I neglect it, no matter how much I might curse it in the spur of the moment, it replies only with love. Home asks for nothing, but always offers forgiveness.

Episode: Homebody


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