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Young people from around Asia move away from home and family to pursue their education in Singapore. Some arrive as young as 10, moving into dorms or staying with families who are paid to care for them. In a world where educational success can open doors to social mobility and families make financial and personal sacrifices for their children’s education, Singapore has become a beacon of hope for these educational migrants. Who cares for them, and how have they adjusted to life in Singapore? Where is home to these young migrants, who live so far from their families and face so many personal and educational obstacles? And finally, where will home be when their educational journey is finally complete? In this episode, our final installation in Season 1, Samantha speaks with teen educational migrants who share their experiences and reflect on their fluid senses of home as they strive for educational success in Singapore.

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This is the final episode of Season 1. We would like to thank all our listeners for your support.

From left: Chris, sound engineer Stanley, and story producer Samantha at work in the studio
The Home on the Dot team. From left to right: Naomi, Jia Han, Stanley, Raudhah, Samantha, Hui Jun, and Chris. Not pictured: Abi, Aisyah, Esther, Max, Ryan, and Shriya.

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