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Hooray for the Void

Welcome back to Season 2 of Home on the Dot. In this episode, we return to the topic of public housing by introducing the uniquely Singaporean public space at the base of most HDB blocks: the void deck. Despite its name, there is nothing empty about the void deck. It is a vibrant space for play, socializing, and key life events like weddings and funerals. It is also an escape for people when they have no other place to go. Student producer Dana discusses the history of void decks and explains how home often spills out the front door and into the void. She also visits a void deck that serves a particularly unique purpose: as a bird arena. Here, bird lovers from all over the country gather with their cages, creating a community around their singing pets. 

On this National Day 2019, follow us into the void!

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Void Deck

The void deck – a space waiting to be filled with your cherished memories of home. A space of endless possibilities.Find out how our homes are designed for life, not just for living: out the rest of our series:

Posted by Housing & Development Board on Friday, October 25, 2019

– A video by the Housing and Development Board Singapore (HDB) on the Void Deck and its design

– Older, more common types of void decks

Image Source: Ghetto Singapore

– Pinnacle@Duxton:

Image Source: AsiaOne

– Pinnacle@Duxton: Some pictures of the Skybridge on the 50th floor 

Image Source:

Image Source: Redwire

– Pinnacle@Duxton: Some pictures of the Skybridge on the 26th floor (exclusive to residents)

Image Source: ArchNet

– Casa Clementi – Example of a new type of void deck (environmental deck)

Image Source: Greenroofs

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