URL Update

If any of the URLs is broken in the lab handout, please add “1112s1” to the URL.

For example, instead of




24 thoughts on “URL Update

  1. One decade later, here I am, stumbling across this webpage. I always feel Prof Ooi’s lectures are the best in terms of logical flow and content delivery. This is the third time I following the Prof Ooi’s teaching. The first time I did, I got A and just missed A+ by half mark (CS1010, AY1819S1, officially registered); The second time I did, I got A+ (CS2105, AY1920S2, self-paced); Hope the wander can continue for the third time (CS2106, AY2021S1, self-paced) and for the future (CS2030S, ?).

    It is not easy. I have always been wrestling really hard on the low-level side. CS2100 and CS2106 have never been intuitive for a student with mediocre CS talents like myself. Thankfully, this time around for CS2106, I have been able to follow Prof Ooi’s lectures and really understand the topics and materials.

    Thank you, Prof Ooi, for the wonderful lectures series in CS1010, CS2105, CS2106, CS2030. I really benefited a lot from watching them.

    Final in less than 2 days away. Wish me luck. :)

    Nov 23, 2020, 22:46pm, SGT

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