We are recruiting Ph D candidates with full scholarship of the 2024 August Intake! The deadline is 15 October 2023. GRE is a MUST.

We are devoting ourselves to exploring the chemistry, physics and materials of 2D polymers and covalent organic frameworks (COFs). We are exploring the basis of these fields, uniqueness of the materials, and novel application platforms for targeting of semiconductors, photoenergy conversion, carbon dioxide separation and transformation, green catalysts, ion conduction, mass transport, and energy storage.

2D polymers and COFs is an amazing field that enables the full exploration of your imagination and your research sense. Self-motivated undergraduate students, Ph.d students, and postdoctoral researchers with challenging spirit are welcomed to join us to explore the chemistry, physics, and materials of 2D polymers and COFs.

UROPS and FYP for NUS Undergraduate Students
UROPS and FYP projects are available for students who are intended and self-motivated to explore 2D polymers and COFs. We welcome candidates to visit our lab for a detailed discussion and lab tour.

Ph D Program
Our group accept candidates from the following scholarships and welcome excellent undergraduates of NUS and other top universities (undergraduate of top 15 985 comprehensive universities). All the candidates should have TOEFL and GRE (> 320) for 2024 August Intake. Application for the NUS Ph.D program, please click here.
1. President Graduate Fellowship (PGF)
The President Graduate Fellowship (PGF) is awarded to students who show exceptional promise (GPA > 3.7/4) or accomplishment in research at top universities (https://nusgs.nus.edu.sg/scholarships-list/?pgf).

2. A*STAR SINGA scholarship
The A*STAR Graduate Academy provides scholarships and fellowships to enable young aspiring scientific talent to pursue their passion in science, and prepare them for a rewarding career in R&D (https://www.a-star.edu.sg/Scholarships/for-graduate-studies/singapore-international-graduate-award-singa).

3. NUS-TJU Joint Ph D Scholarship
NUS Ph.D Scholarship (website)

4. IRP Scholarship
NUS Industry-Relevant PhD Scholarship (NUS-IRP).

One Postdoctoral Researcher at NUS-TJU Joint School in Fuzhou (Active and immediate): We welcome promising postdoctoral researchers who are  self-motivated, have the curiosity to do research and should have at least two first-authored  papers published in Science, Nature, Nature X, Chem., JACS, or ACIE. Please submit CV (Bachelor degree from a 985 university is necessary) and publication list to Jiang.

Two Staffs (Active and immediate): Promising candidates for staffs of NUS-TJU Joint School in Fuzhou must be self-motivated and have the curiosity to do research and should have a Ph. D degree and at least 3-year-oversea postdoctoral experiences (Bachelor degree from a 985 university is necessary).  Staffs at Associate and/or Assistant professor levels are welcome. The role of staffs is to manage the lab and supervise researches at Fuzhou campus. Please submit CV, publication list, 5-year research plan and concepts on lab management to Jiang.