Engage students or gather data

Activity type:  Communication, Feedback

Tool(s) used:  LumiNUS Poll

Intersperse “Opinion polls” to engage students using the LumiNUS Poll.

This terrific activity enables you to gather short snippets of data that can be for conducting “real-time” research on student learning in the classroom setting. It is beneficial for students in helping them understand course concepts.

This will also allow students to reflect on their understanding and thereby contributes to the improving of their exam grades.

4 thoughts on “Engage students or gather data

  1. Megan

    As a college, technology has already been integrated at many, many levels into curriculum as well as the Central experience. Students join a Facebook page for incoming students before attending to discuss majors, housing options, nervousness and excitement. Once at Central, we regularly use Blackboard, Outlook, and EBSCO host database. Our classrooms are filled with document cameras, projectors, and even classroom capture at some locations Students take seminar courses that encourage them to engage with and use technology to its full potential. Despite all this, we are still by no means fully technologically integrated.

    What I feel is holding us back as a college is, first and foremost, our wireless network. While wireless speeds are relatively high in classroom settings, wireless runs much slower within residential areas. This means students using the internet for homework, educational purposes, and social networking are often limited in their pursuits. Considering the size of campus and our tuition, a fast wireless network should be a given; Central should strive to be two steps ahead of its students’ technological needs.

    Secondly, students should be encouraged to develop portfolios of their work and experiences in an online setting. This could be a blog, professional website, or forum. In applying for jobs and making the most of one’s college career, a portfolio is key. With the volume of writing students produce at Central, there should be an arena in which it can be shared. Photographs, video and discussion could all be incorporated, creating a dynamic online college community.

    Finally, we have to continue to invest in technology. Updating of computer labs, testing of new types of social media in campus communications, creating of online communities and much, much more can ensure that students can truly go farther at Central.

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