LumiNUS Hacks

Have you ever wondered what your colleagues do in their LumiNUS courses? Ever thought of how you can optimise LumiNUS’s potential to enhance your teaching? Or you have tried using LumiNUS before but was dissatisfied with the outcome?

This site has posts dedicated to hacks in LumiNUS, that would showcase how other colleagues have been using  technology tools to enhance teaching and e-learning. Such LumiNUS hacks would be added that will help you discover practical ways that LumiNUS can be employed to enhance your students’ learning experience.

I look forward to new ideas, comments and suggestion from you to make this learning experience more effective.

LumiNUS is the learning management system (LMS) designed to facilitate and support teaching and learning at National University of Singapore (NUS). It is one-stop e-learning portal that has been developed in-house at the National University of Singapore.

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