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5-minute chats before or at start of class

Activity type:  Communication

Tool(s) used:  LumiNUS Chatroom

A five-minute chat before or at the start of a class gets EVERYONE talking right away and gives the faculty member a quick sense of students’ understanding of a topic
The chat could be done based on groups with the facilitator joining in different chats
Chats could make references to a specific assignment due that day

The chat sessions can be easily archived and enables the facilitator to revisit the chats

Using chats to debate with other students

Activity to promote: Communication, Evaluation

Tool(s) used: Chatroom

Language students can use the “Chat” feature to debate with another student. Multiple chats are created for students. Each chat will have 2 students who will debate in the language being learnt.

Chat transcripts will be viewable to all so the teacher can evaluate the debate and the students can evaluate their own debates. This also allows for other students to view other students’ debates.

Another variation to this is to take those chat transcripts and give them to the students who were debating and have them evaluate and edit any mistakes and hand in again.

Setting up individual Chatrooms may be tedious.