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  • Photo Exhibition: Secrets

    This exhibition showcases the winning works of residents of Sheares Hall in our annual Intra-Hall Photography Competition, organised by the Sheares Hall Photographic Committee. This year’s entries were shot to the theme, Secrets. Participants were presented with the challenge of capturing and portraying intrigue and mystery in what is unseen, unheard and unspoken in everyday […]

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  • Sheares Hall Photo Exhibition

    Sheares Hall Photocomm 10/11 proudly presents the winning entries of our annual photography competition. This year, Shearites were asked to capture photos that depict the theme of Black and White. While deceptively straightforward, this year’s competition challenged Shearites to make the most daring and innovative of interpretations through their photographs. Open and thought-provoking, these interpretations […]

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  • Arts Buzz Exhibition – Seize the Moment

    The Sheares Hall Photography Competition is an annual event organised for the hall residents of Sheares Hall by the Sheares PhotoComm. This competition is part of our many hall activities to create memories for Sheares Hall and foster a fun learning environment for every budding photographer. Our theme this year, “Seize the Moment”, challenges people […]