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Blog and Wiki Class

I signed up recently for a blogging course, which included learning about RSS feeds and Wikis. I was more interested in the latter two components, as I do already have a couple of blogs of my own.

The class was slightly disappointing, as the emphasis was on blogging, and what a blog was. However, there were some useful snippets of information, such as the differences between blogs and wikis, and what purposes each type is useful for. A blog is time-sensitive, runs in reverse chronological order, and each post is written by one author only (usually). A Wiki usually has pages of information which are not necessarily time-sensitive, and each page can be written and edited by many people.

A blog, therefore, is more like a diary, or logsheet (hence its original name, weblog). A wiki is more akin to a combination of a bulletin board and manual, as it may contain both records of events (past and upcoming), information (standard procedures, FAQs and so forth), and profiles (of contributors, notable personalities pertinent to the wiki’s topic and so on). A wiki sounds complicated, but can be very simple to create, maintain and update.

Blogs are good for people who want to maintain online diaries of their activities, or expound on something they are interested in (hobbies, places, history etc…). Wikis are good for collaborative articles, or disseminating information within a group (consolidating multiple sources of information for the same topic, for instance). So it’s good to think about what you want to do before creating a blog or wiki.

I think the class was an eye-opener for many of my coursemates who were not exactly internet-savvy. To many of them, this was the first time they were registering a blog, and learning how to link to videos, pictures and other sites. The instructor’s practical advice on how to maintain a blog was quite good too. He emphasised reading and commenting on other blogs, because that will create a network of people who know you and in return look at what you have to say on your blog. What goes around, comes around.

Everyone seemed quite happy learning these new skills, except one participant who was quite anxious about spam (which is understandable). She was also afraid that posting entries onto her blog would attract the attention of figures of authority, and she would be held accountable for what she blogged. I would like to think that our leaders are far more enlightened than that. I honestly doubt that anyone in a position of authority would find blame with our thoughts on shopping, gardening, pottery or other sundry hobbies.

Many of my other colleagues looked like they quite enjoyed the experience of setting up a blog and perusing different examples of blogs (the food blogs were particularly appreciated). Even for me, it was an eye-opener, as there were many interesting blogs on Singapore heritage, detailing old buildings, trails and activities that were the fashion yonks ago (I bet you didn’t know that Singapore held the Grand Prix in the 60s!). We also had a quick peek at the Rambling Librarian’s many talents, including music, painting and podcasts.

Hmmm…podcasts. That might make for a good course. Perhaps I should write to my instructor.

It’s Sunday

It’s Sunday. And pray tell, why is The Naked Librarian blogging?


Taking a break from work-lah. Yup, I am working today….sian…:-(


The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the day promises to get brighter and lighter.


So guys, don’t come to the library.  Go out there and live! And leave me alone to answer a whole bunch of enquiries that came through the email (Don’t  anybody know it’s the weekend?).

My Aunt

My aunt’s animated face in full color jumped out at me when I flipped through yesterday’s newspapers. “She’s writing again?” Hey, don’t get me wrong – I love my Aunty Poh. She’s the only aunt who appreciates my Mum for who she really is. That is one single quality of her that many do not see. Thanks, Aunty Poh.

No, we do not share similar writing styles. Although, we do like to tell stories (Ok, can you hear that high pitch scream of protest?). We both enjoy observing life as it goes by and we take delight in telling people about the little things that we see, hear, love or hate. She tells it a lot better than I do, of course. She started blogging before I did but she doesn’t quite know that she is doing it. Funny lady.

Anyway, will you please tell them to choose a better photo next time, Aunt?

TNL is on a Break

While you are reading this, I am already on a break up North (not Yishun, lah, further up). Yes, it is officially a break. As in breaking away from the self-imposed mental chains that bind me to my work. I am not a workaholic, mind you. Far from it. But when I work it takes a lot out of me. Some people call this dedication or passion. I call it idiocy.

Anyway, would I be blogging? Nope. Would you if a bowl of thick assam laksa is calling out your name, followed by a cool bowl of chendol? Enough said.



Yup, I was there, Kenneth. And Dr S, I would love to tell stories every day. Spirit is willing but flesh is weak. And what is with working at 3am, 4am? 5am? Come on, you got to give us some down time for maintenance, man. My boss whispered, “His passion is driving him-lah.” Figures.

And one more thing – love those cats. Reminded me of my cats way back during my kampung days. And spiders eating their mates during sex – trust a female to start eating the male’s head first when getting rid of the least relevant body parts. That was hilarious.

So have I seen a monkey? Yup. Next question, please.

Who is the Naked Librarian?

Wow, have been getting a couple of very nice comments about the blog, in particular the musings of the Naked Librarian. I gather some of you thought I am the Naked Librarian. Alas, nothing could be further from the truth. I am merely the humble editor of a university library newsletter. Obviously, I cannot take credit for something I did not write. Indeed, apart from my little post on “Change or be bulldozed over”, the rest of the Musings posts are written by my colleague, who does not wish to be revealed and who will only bare her soul under the pseudonym The Naked Librarian in virtual space. Only a select few are privy to the identity of the Naked Librarian and we are all sworned under oath to protect the privacy and identity of the mysterious Naked Librarian. I have passed your lovely compliments to her and she is very much gratified. But I’ll leave her to say her thank yous online and I am sure you’re all looking forward (as I am too!) to reading more of her amusing stories about life in NUS Libraries.

Change or Be Bulldozed Over!

I must admit, when given the task to create a blog for LINUS, I was filled with trepidation and a gnawing sense of anxiety. I don’t blog except for a brief time in university when it was “compulsory” for a certain module, I read blogs occasionally but they’re largely an indifferent part of my life in the whole scheme of things. First things first, I’m not a tech-savvy person. I’m the sort who hides behind and demur politely whenever someone throws out all these high-sounding technical terms although deep inside, I get extremely panicky. I mean hey, you don’t want to look as if you’re less intelligent than the next person or worse be seen as an ignoramus right? Anyway, I got down to it by reading books, checking other libraries’ and slowly, checking with people who blog regularly and slowly and painfully, set up a reasonably nice-looking prototype. Thankfully, the bosses liked it. Enormously relieved, I happily went on populating the blog with content.

So imagine my shock and dismay when I logged in to the blog early this week to find the interface totally changed. I’ve been so used to the familiar blue and white layout that I panicked when I saw something unfamiliar. But that’s just the crux of the issue. Things change, especially in technology where advances are so rapid they can be measured by the speed of light. The other day, I attended a talk on NUS Second Life by a student from RidgeCat Guru, part of the team involved in NUS participation in Second Life. The student was waxing lyrical about how there are so many wonderful activities you can do in Second Life, like creating your own avatar, flying, swimming, windsurfing etc. And all this while I was thinking, why can’t you do all these in “real” life (ok, maybe except for flying)? And isn’t it more fun to do all these activities in real life rather than in the virtual world? There was a recent news report about 2 bloggers who died recently of a heart attack due to the stress of keeping up with postings on the blog. Gosh, “death by blogging” – how insane can the world be? And people who spent hours online, well, they don’t really have a life do they? In fact, their social lives must be pretty dismal, pathetic and sad.

Welcome to the digital-era equivalent of the sweatshop where our work and social lives are spent increasingly in front of the computer. Where does it all end? It ends when you make the choice to let go. Go on, pull out the plug. You may not be ahead of the competition but guess what, the world won’t collapse and you’ll still be alive.

A New Beginning

Welcome to LINUS blog! We’re trying out a new platform for LINUS to appeal to you; the library users at NUS.  Check out the contents for our latest issue, we’ve bursting to let you know the latest happenings in the libraries and also introduce new resources and new books. This is a platform for you to voice your views and to let us know how we can improve further. So what are you waiting for, tell us what you think!