Who is the Naked Librarian?

Wow, have been getting a couple of very nice comments about the blog, in particular the musings of the Naked Librarian. I gather some of you thought I am the Naked Librarian. Alas, nothing could be further from the truth. I am merely the humble editor of a university library newsletter. Obviously, I cannot take credit for something I did not write. Indeed, apart from my little post on “Change or be bulldozed over”, the rest of the Musings posts are written by my colleague, who does not wish to be revealed and who will only bare her soul under the pseudonym The Naked Librarian in virtual space. Only a select few are privy to the identity of the Naked Librarian and we are all sworned under oath to protect the privacy and identity of the mysterious Naked Librarian. I have passed your lovely compliments to her and she is very much gratified. But I’ll leave her to say her thank yous online and I am sure you’re all looking forward (as I am too!) to reading more of her amusing stories about life in NUS Libraries.

  1. The Naked Librarian

    “Thank yous online”.

    Seriously, thanks, Mags, Pinto, Sivasothi, fellow bloggers, librarians and colleagues. Me baring it all has not attracted this much attention in yonks. Do people say yonks anymore?

  2. Heh, a pleasure, we twitted, blogged and talked about it last Friday and saw the stats go up! Go NL, Go!

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