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JAN 2021 | ISSUE 18
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This Week’s Reads: Royals

Welcome back to school! We know those mid-semester tears will come sooner than we think, but for now, enjoy your week with our latest reading news:

  • Read our 4 new titles on the theme of Royals!
  • We’re launching a new publication called Literary Journal
  • Sign up for NUS Political Association’s Social Policy Forum


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From European, African, Mughal, Ming-Qing and Safavid dynasties to the Ottoman Empire, Tokugawa Japan and Chosŏn Korea, the author reveals the tension between the ideals of kingship and the lives of actual rulers.

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Roger Collins investigates a time in Spanish history known for its multi-religious society – when Christians, Jews and Muslims lived in apparent harmony – revealing a fuller, more complex picture of this fascinating period.

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While monarchies are often portrayed as old-fashioned – as things of the past – the books argues that modern monarchies have been at the centre of nation-construction in many parts of the world.

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The making of modern Thailand is grounded in specific political institutions, Brahmanical tropes, sacred Buddhist traditions stylised with Hindu rituals. Over and above these mysterious practices and ancient customs, modern Thailand is a product of the late Great Rama IX Bhumibol Adulyadej.
Reading News
We’re launching our very own Literary Journal! Each month, we’ll publish a few articles discussing the trendiest authors, books and reading news. Simply put, Lirra’s Literary Journal is your go-to publication for all things reading.
The Queen's Gambit

For our first article, we’re sharing Preeteashwari’s thoughts on Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit, based on Walter Tevis’ 1983 eponymous novel. She writes:

‘From the beginning of the series, it becomes apparent that Beth Hamon struggles with addiction and is mentally distressed. She believes that she needs tranquilliser pills in order for her to excel at chess. “It’s an entire world of just 64 squares. I feel safe in it. I can control it.” Beth has very little agency in the early parts of her life when she loses her mother and moves into the orphanage. Chess gives her a chance to be in control…’

Want to learn more before you binge-watch the show? Read the full analysis by Preeteashwari on our Literary Journal.

Be empowered by NUSPA’s Social Policy Forum
on 29 January

Our parent organisation, NUS Political Association (NUSPA), invites you to their annual Social Policy Forum on 29th January. The theme for 2021 – Women’s Development: The Next Step – comes in view of the government’s recent efforts to promote women’s development and the impacts and changes that COVID-19 would have on women’s issues in Singapore.

This forum is supported by REACH and the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations, and will be graced by Minister of State Sun Xueling, (Ministry of Education & Ministry of Social and Family Development), along with other distinguished panelists from the Financial Women’s Association of Singapore, Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations, Inspiring Girls and Women’s Register, AWARE, United Women Singapore, and Board Agender.

Happening online on 29th January 2021, 7PM – 9PM, click on the link here to sign up for free!

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