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NOV 2020 | ISSUE 14
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We’ve got a huge injustice here!
Bad grades are threatening to take over the entire student population this reading week! Fight this injustice with four awesome reads on Justice and Morality, and get inspired by reliving our Kopi Talks moments! Scroll down for more.

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The various facets of empathy have unique contributions as subcomponents of morality. This review helps understand how basic forms of empathy, morality, and justice are substantialised in early ontogeny.

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Justice has always entailed some level of visibility, but it is with modernity that courts and legal procedure have become more and more public – and punishment less and less so.

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Paul Thagard develops interconnected theories of knowledge, reality, morality, justice, meaning, and the arts. He uses new theories of brain mechanisms and social interactions to forge original accounts of the traditional branches of philosophy.

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This article presents five psychological systems that provide the foundations for the world’s many moralities: psychological preparations for detecting and reacting emotionally to issues related to harm/care, fairness/reciprocity, ingroup/loyalty, authority/respect, and purity/sanctity.
Reading News
Our Kopi Talks series is now available in video and audio!
October Book Club winners

We had a great conversation with Singapore Literature Prize 2020 winners Akshita Nanda, Ng Yi-Sheng & Sithuraj Ponraj during our Kopi Talks SingLit Edition, where we discussed the impact of Literary awards on local writing and writers in general.

Now, you can relive the moment with us any time you want! Watch our feature snippet on our instagram, and listen to the full conversation on our website – in both video and audio formats! We promise these writers are a fun bunch, so they’ll be your perfect audio companions as you study through hell week!

About Kopi Talks
Kopi Talks aims to spark conversations about all things reading through engaging with experts and opinion leaders in the field. The series is available in both audio and video, for you to get inspired anytime, anywhere.

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