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OCT 2020 | ISSUE 12
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Enjoy your Halloween with these
reads on HORROR!
This week, we’re getting all spoooooky with the latest in the horror genre! Learn about the Ghosts of Old Louisville, Ulu Pahang and Tulunadu from these scary reads, exclusively picked from NUS Libraries. Click on the book images to get the e-copy, but always remember: as you read, never turn back! 😨

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A compilation of three winning entries to a Halloween scary story contest organised by an American magazine, Flagpole. Writers had to include 10 of the words and phrases pre-determined by the organisers.

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Old Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky, is the third-largest National Preservation District in the United States and the largest Victorian-era neighborhood in the country. Beneath the balconies and terraces of the district’s Gothic, Queen Anne, and Beaux Arts mansions, current residents trade riveting stories about their historic homes. Many of these tales defy rational explanation.

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This short story was relayed to British administrator J. E. Nathan back in the early 1900s by a Negeri Sembilan resident who later lived in Ulu Pahang. This story was told in Malay and subsequently translated into English by Nathan.

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Those who experienced a violent death before they even managed to get married return as ghosts, pretas, and their kin suffer from their absence, but still fear the pretas and try to appease them by all available means.
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Our October Book Club is coming up,
and we’re including a TRIVIA with PRIZES!!!
Winners will have this book (The Only Good Indians) delivered to them personally with a handwritten note from Lirra!

Oct Book: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood
In a desperate attempt to repopulate a devastated world, the few remaining fertile women in Gilead are forced into sexual servitude. One of these women, Offred, is determined to survive the terrifying world she lives in, and find the daughter that was taken from her.

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We’re holding a live trivia during our Oct Book Club! Winners of this trivia stand a chance to win 2x $10 Booksactually vouchers. Sign up for our Book Club to secure YOUR chance to win!

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