ReadNUS Issue 4

JULY 2020 | ISSUE 4

Lirra is a BIG eater

So he got slightly worried about how food insecurity was going to affect his usual burger breakfast.

Thankfully, he found some wonderful reads that made him realize how advanced agriculture has become. Enjoy these reads with a hearty meal 😊

In This Issue:
Innovations in Urban Agriculture

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Feeding Cities: Singapore’s Approach to Land Use Planning for Urban Agriculture
As urbanising cities face the double threats of urban food insecurity and land scarcity, multi-functional urban land uses that integrate rather than separate agriculture from other land uses could be a critical adaptation for the sustainability of future cities.

Aesthetic Politics and Community Gardens in Singapore
Drawing from qualitative research, the findings suggest that community gardeners in Singapore attend to aesthetics – in particular the order and beauty of production spaces – in response to expectations and pressures anchored to the realities of a manicured “green” cityscape.

Cities of Love: Roadmap for Sustaining Future Cities

Cities of Love aims to urge, persuade and provoke fellow residents of our earth to collectively shape the cities we live in. To achieve this, her residents must again uncover the reasons to love and therefore sustain her cities.

Technology Innovations for Food Security in Singapore: A Case Study of Future Food Systems for an Increasingly Natural Resource-Scarce World
Against the impending threat of food security, the world can no longer rely on traditional methods to meet its needs. Instead, more creative and technologically advanced methods must be adopted to maximise diminishing natural resources.

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