Research Interests


The broad goal of my research is to develop and apply better methods for process modelling, optimization and control to achieve efficient, profitable and reliable processes. My research encompasses two broad areas: (1) Process Design and Optimization, and (2) Process Simulation and Control. The common threads in these two areas are process modelling, simulation and computational methods. The current focus is on multi-objective optimization techniques and applications to design, intensification and retrofitting/revamping of chemical and related processes. See below for many topics and applications studied by us, as well as the list of journal papers for more details. In short, we have investigated many significant issues of practical importance and considered industrial applications in our research.   

Hidden Research Interest - DO NOT TOUCH

Modeling and Optimization of Industrial Processes

  • Multi-Criteria Decision Making
  • Multi-Objective Optimization
  • Economic, Environmental and Fundamental Objectives
  • Stochastic including Evolutionary Methods
  • Process Retrofit and Revamp 
  • Steam Reformers and Hydrogen Production
  • Steam Crackers for Ethylene Production
  • Hydrocracker
  • Polyethylene and Polypropylene Production
  • Penicillin Production
  • Solvent Recovery Processes
  • Industrial Ecosystems
  • Biodiesel Process
  • Cumene Process
  • Ethyl Benzene Process
  • Intensified Processes
  • Lactic Acid Recovery/Concentration
  • Bioethanol Recovery/Concentration
  • Dividing-Wall Columns and Heat Pumps
  • Extractive Distillation and Heat Pumps

Global Optimization Methods and Their Applications

  • Stochastic Methods (Genetic Algorithms, Differential Evolution, Simulated Annealing, Taboo Search, Particle Swarm Optimization, Hybrid Methods)
  • Phase Stability and Equilibrium Calculations
  • Process Design and Operation Applications
  • Heat Exchanger Networks Synthesis and Retrofitting
  • Pooling Problems

Dynamic Modeling and Plant-wide Control

  • Integrated Framework of Simulation and Heuristics
  • Control Degrees of Freedom
  • Performance Assessment of PWC systems
  • Hydrodealkylation of Toluene Process
  • Styrene Monomer Process
  • Ammonia Synthesis Process
  • Biodiesel Process
  • Alkylation Process

Modeling and Control of Physiological Systems

  • Blood Glucose Regulation
  • Anesthesia Regulation
  • Hemodialysis for Kidney Patients

Model-Based Control of Nonlinear Processes

  • Input-Output Linearization
  • Nonlinear Internal Model Control
  • Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
  • Neutralization Process (pH) Control

Feedback and Cascade Control

  • Closed-Loop Identification
  • Control Loop Performance Assessment
  • Controller Tuning
  • Cascade versus Feedback Control

Models for Nonideal Flow in Trickle-Bed Reactors

  • Residence Time Distribution
  • Axial Dispersion and Other Complex Models
  • Parameter Estimation
  • Time-Domain Curve Fitting

Median-Based Methods for Linear Regression

  • Least Squares Technique
  • Median-Based Methods
  • Comparison of Methods via Monte Carlo Simulations

Multiphase Equilibrium Calculations

  • Equation-Solving Methods
  • Gibbs Free Energy Minimization
  • Without and With Reactions