PhD Students

  1. Hu Q., Strategies for Enhancing Internal Model Control of Nonlinear Processes with Uncertainties (1999)
  2. Murthy Konda NVSN, Plant-Wide Control of Industrial Processes Using Rigorous Simulation and Heuristics (2006). Co-supervisor: P.R. Krishnaswamy
  3. Mekapati Srinivas, Stochastic Global Optimization Methods and their Applications in Chemical Engineering Applications (2007)
  4. Naveen Bhutani, Modeling, Simulation and Multi-objective Optimization of an Industrial Hydrocrackers (2007). Co-supervisor: A.K. Ray
  5. Naveen Agrawal, Multi-objective Optimization of an Industrial Polymer Reactor (2008). Co-supervisor: A.K. Ray
  6. Nipen Mahendrakumar Shah, Targeting and Multi-Objective Optimisation of Gas-Phase Refrigeration Processes for LNG (2008). Main Supervisor: A.F.A. Hoadley (at Monash University)
  7. Lee Fook Choon, Optimization of Bioprocesses for Multiple Objectives (2009)
  8. Yelneedi Sreenivas, Advanced Control Strategies for Automatic Drug Delivery to Regulate Anesthesia during Surgery (2009). Co-supervisor: S. Lakshminarayanan
  9. Suraj Vasudevan, Dynamic Modeling and Plant-Wide Control of Industrial Processes (2011)
  10. May Su Tun, Diabetic Patient Modeling, Control and Management (2012). Main Supervisor: S. Lakshminarayanan.
  11. Zhang Haibo, New Strategies for Global Optimization of Chemical Engineering Applications by Differential Evolution (2012)
  12. Mohmmad A. Al-Mayyahi, Multi-Objective Optimization of CO2 Emissions from Refinery Operations (2013). Main Supervisor: A.F.A. Hoadley (at Monash University)
  13. Gudena Krishna, Process Intensification: Opportunities and Challenges (2013). Co-supervisor: S. Lakshminarayanan
  14. Naviyn Prabhu Balakrishnan, Development of Predictive Models for Individuals with Diabetes in Routine Life and Emergency Situations (2013). Co-supervisor: S. Lakshminarayanan
  15. Shivom Sharma, Modeling and Multi-Objective Optimization of Industrial Processes (2013)
  16. Chirla Chandra Sekhara Reddy, Analysis of Energy-Efficient Technologies for Petroleum Refineries (2014). Main Supervisor: S.V. Naidu (at Andhra University)
  17. Vaibhav Maheswari, Improving Hemodialysis Treatment: Modeling, Experimental Design and Clinical Studies (2014). Main Supervisor: S. Lakshminarayanan.
  18. Xu Chen, Modeling and Optimization of Photo and Photocatalytic Reactors for Water Detoxification and Disinfection Reactors (2014). George X.S. Zhao
  19. Dipesh Shikchand Patle, Development of Operator Training Simulator for Palm Oil based Biodiesel Production (2015). Main Supervisor: Zainal Ahmad (at Universiti Sains Malaysia)
  20. Sreepathi Bhargava Krishna, Heat Exchanger Network Retrofitting (2015)
  21. Niu Wendou, Retrofitting Chemical Processes via Hybridization Applications and Analysis (2016)
  22. Loy Yoke Yuan, Consequence Analysis of Industrial Fires using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Reduced Order Modelling (2018). Co-supervisor: S. Lakshminarayanan
  23. Feng Zemin, Integrated Process Design and Model Predictive Control of Extractive Distillation Processes (2020). Main Supervisors: L.C. Dong and W.F. Shen (at Chongqing University)
  24. Sidharth Sankar Parhi, Analysis and Optimization of Batch Distillation for Multiple Objectives (Died due to covid19 in 2021 just before thesis submission). Main Supervisor: A.K. Jana (at IIT Kharagpur)
  25.  Wang Zhiyuan, Study and Application of Machine Learning, Multi-Objective Optimization and Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods (2023). Main Supervisor: Wu Zhe