Master Students

  1. Han, G., Methods for Multiphase Equilibrium Calculations (1996)
  2. Narayanan N.R.L., Adaptive Internal Model Control Strategies for pH Neutralization (1997). Co-supervisor: P.R. Krishnaswamy
  3. Shyamsundar V., A Method for Simulation and Optimisation of Multiphase Distillation (1998)
  4. Pradeep K.V., Closed-Loop Process Identification Using Time-Domain Curve Fitting (1999)
  5. Quek C.J., Evaluation of ANNs and Regression Methods for Sulphur Recovery Unit and Other Refinery Applications (1999). Co-supervisor: R. Balasubramanian
  6. Lee Y.P., Computation of Phase Equilibrium Calculations by Stochastic Optimisation Methods (2000)
  7. Rajesh J.K., Modeling and Multi-Objective Optimisation of an Industrial Hydrogen Plant (2000). Co-supervisors: A.K. Ray and S.K. Gupta
  8. Oh P.P., Multi-Objective Optimisation of Design and Operation of Industrial Hydrogen Plants (2001). Main Supervisor: A.K. Ray
  9. Qiu Q., Modeling and Plant-Wide Control of HDA Process (2001). Co-supervisor: P.R. Krishnaswamy.
  10. Toh W.K., Closed-Loop Identification of Multivariable Processes (2001)
  11. Mohanakkannan B.S., Modeling, Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis of a Top-Fired Steam Reformer (2002). Co-supervisor: A.K. Ray
  12. Li Meng, Control of Nonlinear Processes with Uncertainties (2002)
  13. Li Yue, Modeling and Multi-Objective Optimisation of Styrene Unit Design (2002). Main Supervisor: A.K. Ray
  14. Teh Y.S, A Study of Equation-Solving and Gibbs Free Energy Minimization Methods for Phase Equilibrium Calculations (2002)
  15. Wu Jie., Design, Development and Modeling of a Heating and Cooling System (2002). Co-supervisor: K.W. Lim
  16. Lee Y.M., Modeling and Multi-Objective Optimisation of an Industrial Ethylene Reactor (2003). Co-supervisor: A.K. Ray
  17. Er Show Lin, Development of a Novel Scrubber for Removal of H2S from Flue Gas (2004). Main Supervisor: Dr. R.Balasubramanian
  18. Goradia Dharmesh Balvant, Analysis and Enhancement of Performance of Industrial Control Systems (2004). Main Supervisor: S. Lakshminarayanan
  19. Jaya Arora, Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of a Multivariable Process (2004). Co-supervisor: P.R. Krishnaswamy
  20. Yelchuru Ramprasad, Model Based Controllers for Blood Glucose Regulation in Type I Diabetics (2004). Co-supervisor: S. Lakshminarayanan
  21. Rohit Ramachandran, Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting of Process Control Loops (2005). Main Supervisor: S. Lakshminarayanan
  22. Inderjeet Chawla, Dynamic Simulation and Control of a Distillation Column (2007)
  23. Ramachandran Prem Kumar, Design and Retrofitting of Complex Distillation Columns (2008)
  24. Lee Su-Qin Elaine, Optimization of Recovery Processes for Multiple Economic and Environmental Criteria (2009)
  25. Zhang Chi, Dynamic Modeling and Plant-Wide Control of Industrial Processes (2011)
  26. Shruti Pandey, Simulation and Multi-objective Optimization of the Cold-End Separation Process of an Ethylene Plant (2013)
  27. Priyanka Gurung, Multi-objective Optimization of Hybrid Reactive Stripper Membrane Process for Lactic Acid Production (2014)
  28. Vikas Singh Bisen, Simulation and Multi-objective Optimization of Acetone, Butanol and Ethanol Downstream Separation Process (2014). Main Supervisor: M. Bansal
  29. Ashish Singh, Process Development and Optimization of Bioethanol Recovery and Dehydration by Distillation and Vapor Permeation for Multiple Objectives (2017)
  30. Sergio Jose Rodrigues da Cunha, Design, Optimization and Retrofit of the Formic Acid Process (2018). Co-supervisor: K. Hidajat