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De-Qi Zhang


Department of Mathematics
National University of Singapore
Block S17, Rm #06-08
10 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119076

Republic of Singapore

Tel. +65 6516 2795

Email: matzdq@nus.edu.sg

Current Mathematical Interest

  • Algebraic Geometry

Education and Career

  1. BSc, East China Normal University (Shanghai)
  2. PhD, Osaka University
  3. 1989 – 1991, Assistant Professor, Osaka University
  4. 1991 – the present, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor

One page CV

Science Mentor Program

By Si-Ying Lee (Raffles Girls School, Secondary 4),
Now in Harvard University, Graduate School of Mathematics

Conferences (co-organized with others) / Talks

  1. Recent Developments in Algebraic Geometry, Arithmetic and Dynamics, Part I (online conference), (Thur) 10th June 2021 – (Fri) 18th June 2021
    Link to IMS Blog for the conference

    Recent Developments in Algebraic Geometry, Arithmetic and Dynamics, Part II (F2F or ??), (Mon) 1st July 2023 – (Fri) 18th August 2023
    Institute for Mathematical Sciences (IMS), NUS, Organized by
    DINH, Tien-Cuong (NUS), ESNAULT, Hélène (Berlin), OGUISO, Keiji (Tokyo), and ZHANG, De-Qi (NUS)

  2. Workshop on Algebraic Geometry (Tues 11 Feb – Thurs 13 Feb 2020)
    in conjunction with the Oppenheim lecture 2020, by
    Professor Caucher Birkar (University of Cambridge)
  3. Complex Geometry and Related Topics, 15 (Friday) February 2019, NUS, Organized by Tien-Cuong and De-Qi Zhang
  4. Algebraic Geometry in East Asia,
    22 (Monday) – 27 (Sunday) October, 2018, Hanoi, Vietnam; Scientific committee: Jungkai Chen (Taipei), Phung Ho Hai (Hanoi), Yujiro Kawamata (Tokyo), Jong-Hae Keum (KIAS), Wei-Peng Li (HKUST), Xiao-Tao Sun (Tianjin), De-Qi Zhang (NUS)
  5. Recent Developments in Algebraic Geometry
    (Wednesday 24 January 2018), Organized by JongHae Keum (KIAS, Seoul), De-Qi Zhang (NUS)
  6. Complex Geometry, Dynamical Systems and Foliation Theory
    (1 – 26 May 2017), jointly organized by Tien Cuong Dinh, George Marinescu, Xiaonan Ma and De-Qi Zhang
    (Conference group photo)
  7. Algebraic Geometry, Holomorphic Dynamics, and Their Interactions
    3-28 January 2017, Institute for Mathematical Sciences, NUS (Workshop: Tuesday 10 – Friday 13 January, and Monday 16 – Thursday 19 January 2017), jointly organized by Tien-Cuong Dinh, Keiji Oguiso, Wing-Keung To and De-Qi Zhang
    (Workshop Group photo week 1) 
    (Workshop Group photo week 2) 
    IMPRINT Article – Algebraic Geometry, January 2017
  8. Complex Geometry Conference
    22 July – 9 August 2013, Institute for Mathematical Sciences, NUS (Workshop: Thursday 25 July – Monday 5 August 2013), jointly organized by Lawrence Ein, Ngaiming Mok, Wing-Keung To and De-Qi Zhang 
    (Workshop Group photo)
  9. Special Session on Algebraic Geometry, The Asian Mathematical Conference 2013
    Sunday 30 June – Thursday 4 July 2013, Busan, Korea, Jointly organized by Meng Chen (Fudan University), Yongnam Lee (KAIST), Yoichi Miyaoka (University of Tokyo) and De-Qi Zhang (National University of Singapore)
  10. Algebraic Geometry, Complex Dynamics and their Interaction 4-7 January 2011, Contact: De-Qi Zhang
    (Workshop group photo)
  11. Algebraic Geometry and Related Topics,
    22 January 2008, Contact: JongHae Keum (KIAS), De-Qi Zhang (NUS)
  12. Recent Progress in Algebraic Geometry, 28 December 2006, Contact: De-Qi Zhang (NUS)
  13. OmniScience NUS, December 2017
  14. Space Symmetries Dictate the Geometry,
    19th November 2015, Research News, Science, NUS
  15. Lunchtime Science Talk, Thursday 12-1pm, 26 January 2012


  1. ICCM Best Paper Award for the joint paper:
    Birkar – Zhang, Publications mathematiques de l’IHES, 123 (2016) 283-331, DOI 10.1007/s10240-016-0080-x
    (Confirmed in Sep 2019, but Postponed the Collection, being unable to attend the Conference in Sanya, Dec 2019).
  2. Outstanding Scientist Award, Science Faculty, NUS, Februrary 2017.
  3. Osaka University Global Alumni Fellow (Jun 2016)
  4. Outstanding Scientist Award, Science Faculty, NUS, November 2009
  5. Outstanding Mentor Award, October 2009, 15th Youth Science Conference, Singapore
  6. Yukawa Foundation award (1989)

Editorial board of:

  Advances in Analysis and Geometry (Walter de Gruyter)

Co-organiser of:

  ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry Seminar)

  Algebraic Geometry in East Asia (Zoom)

The Mathematics Genealogy Project, Descendant of David Hilbert:
(De-Qi Zhang < Masayoshi Miyanishi < Masayoshi Nagata < Tadasi Nakayama < Teiji Takagi < David Hilbert)