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Legend has it that when the well-loved political figure and poet, Qu Yuan, threw himself into a river after being banished, the locals started to beat their fishing oars against the water and throw cooked rice wrapped in leaves to stop the fishes from eating his body. Many traditions later, this eventually evolved into the Dragon Boat Festival that we know of today. This week, we unpack some curious reads about this historical Chinese holiday, which had to be toned down for a second time in view of the tighter restrictions in Singapore.

This Week’s Reads:
More than a Boat Race

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This chapter discusses the characteristics of traditional Chinese festivals, which emphasise on the heavens and reflect an agricultural relationship between man and the heavens. Many festivals are based on the lunar calendar, including the Dragon Boat Festival, which falls the fifth day of the fifth lunar month.

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In Singapore, dragon boat racing is no longer restricted to an activity that is held during this festival. It has become a popular sport amongst many Singaporeans from different cultural backgrounds. The triangular glutinous rice dumplings or ‘zhang’ wrapped in pandan leaves with delectable fillings is also a well-loved tradition.

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This article outlines how the herbal market, an important platform at Dragon Boat Festival (DBF), plays an important role in the inheritance of traditional medicinal knowledge among the Chuanqing people. It proposes strategies for the preservation of the people’s traditional medical knowledge.

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The use of cultural events continues to grow as a destination marketing and promotion strategy with destinations eager to broaden attraction attributes. One such cultural event is the Dragon Boat Festival.
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Ancient Stories Retold

Apollosmichioreads reflects on his journey as a bibliophile and book reviewer – “In 2019, I read a total of 118 books. I embraced the variety of experiences books gave me and felt my worldview broadened. I saw the world from the perspective of a thirty-nine-year-old housewife in Charleston, from a queer lady living in Britain, from a cafe owner in Tokyo, from a woman in South Korea struggling with gender inequality…”

Apollos (@apollosmichioreads) reflects on his reading journey as a bibliophile, and explains how to savour the unadulterated pleasure of reading in our guest article here.

Orientalism's Interlocutors

Find out why Bryan thinks “From the Ashes” by Jesse Thistle is a summer must-read Literary JournalBryan reviews “From the Ashes“, a remarkable memoir by Jesse Thistle who brings readers on a personal journey from being abandoned by his father as a young child, to becoming homeless and addicted to all kinds of drugs, to coming full circle in finding his way and achieving academic success. Check out Bryan’s biggest takeaway from this must-read book of summer 2021 via our website.

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