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JUL 2020 | ISSUE 3
Lirra’s a first time voter this year!
And he wants to vote effectively! This week, Lirra’s compiled a bumper set of SIX reading titles that are focused on sharpening our understanding of what Singapore was, and what we can do to shape its’ future.

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In This Issue:
Singapore’s Past, Present & Future
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Contemporary Singapore is simultaneously a small postcolonial multicultural nation state and a cosmopolitan global city. To manage fundamental contradictions, the state takes the lead in authoring the national narrative.
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In Liberalism Disavowed, Chua Beng Huat examines the rejection of Western-style liberalism in Singapore and the way the People’s Action Party has forged an independent non-Western ideology.
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Beneath the modern skyscrapers of Singapore lie the remains of a much older trading port, prosperous and cosmopolitan and a key node in the maritime Silk Road.
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Celluloid Singapore is a ground-breaking study of the three major periods in Singapore’s fragmented cinema history, namely the golden age of the 1950s and 60s, the post-studio 1970s, and the revival from the 1990s onwards.
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Grounding the story of Singapore within an understanding of its environment opens the way to an account of the past that is more than a story of trade, immigration and nation building.
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Once a centre for international trade and finance, Singapore has become a “global city.” This book examines its evolution from trading port to city-state.
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Fast reader eh? Here’s a few more action steps you can take.
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