Collaboration Space @ Central Library!

Have you visited Central Library since the start of this semester? If you had, you must have noticed something going on at the old quiet reading room on level 4. Gone are the diamond-shaped wooden study clusters where you have to keep your volume down as you go about your self study.


The room has been renovated and re-purposed into an all new Collaboration Space. In this new space, you are encouraged to come in groups to collaborate and let your creative sparks fly! The Collaboration Space is freely accessible to all library users and we are offering several new facilities to help enhance your research and learning.

Research Workstations

There are two research workstations equipped with large high-resolution screens and a variety of specialised software for your academic research and visualization needs. Do note that you will need to make a booking on the NUS Facility Booking System to use these workstations.

Looking for something that can help facilitate your group work and collaboration? You can try booking the research workstation with 65-inch ultra-HD 4K TV. Equipped with multi-touchscreen functionalities, you can now view more of your data entities, get up close and ‘interact’ directly with your research. Might be handy for GIS, social networks, or data-rich topics. The large screens can also be used to organise multiple windows with different content to support sensemaking.

rs_65touchResearch Workstation (65-inch touchscreen)






Alternatively, you may also work independently by booking the workstation with dual 31-inch HD monitors.


rs_dual31Research Workstation (Dual 31-inch screen)






Here are some of the software you can find on the research workstations:

  1. ArcGIS 10.4 for Desktop Advanced
  2. Adobe CS6
  3. QGIS 2.14
  4. SketchUp Make 2016
  5. Tableau 10.0

And many more!

We will also be adding more relevant software to help you in your research in the near future. Just let us know what you need 🙂

NUS students and staff may use the NUS Facility Booking System to book the research workstations. The process is similar that of booking a discussion room in Central Library. The rest of the Collaboration Space and the Collab8 station (for wireless screen-sharing) can be accessed freely without booking.

We look forward to seeing you at the Collaboration Space!

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