Japanese Graded Readers (Reberu betsu Nihongo tadoku raiburarī, レベル别日本語多読ライブラリー)

“Japanese Graded Readers” is a series of supplementary reading materials that is edited by the Japan Extensive Reading Association and is targeted specifically at Japanese language learners.

This series is one of the Japanese language readers recommended by the various teaching staff of the Japanese language course offered by the Centre for Language Studies, NUS. The Centre also uses some other volumes of this series as auxiliary teaching materials for their course.

To enable learners of the Japanese language to read Japanese works in various literary genres, the works of this series have been rewritten in simple Japanese. The literary genres include stories, creative works, classics, biographies and more. This series is divided into 5 levels, Level 0 to Level 4. Learners of different levels can select the books based on their levels of proficiency. Every level has a specific standard of vocabulary and grammar. The basic writing and editing rule of this series is to make its contents easily comprehensible to the reader. All the “kanji” (Chinese characters) in the books come with furigana which provide the pronunciations of the “kanji”. Moreover, this series is accompanied by a compact disc that records the reading of its contents. Therefore, even beginners can read the books without having to look up in the dictionary. As readers will be intrigued to read on because the contents are easy to understand, reading becomes a fun thing to do for them. This will motivate them to read even more, and as a result, their Japanese reading ability improves. This is exactly the principal objective of this series – to promote extensive reading.

NUS Chinese Library has “Japanese Graded Readers” (Level 0 – 4):
Reberu betsu Nihongo tadoku raiburarī. Reberu 0 – 4 / kanshū NPO Hōjin Nihongo Tadoku Kenkyūkai. — Tōkyō : Kabushiki Kaisha Asuku, 2012-2015. (PL537 Reb L0 – L4)


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