On Men and Memes

There’s something about wheels that men find irresistible. But not all wheels, only those that move fast and turn heads.

Just the other day, I read about a man on wheels who was making news on the Net. He’s not a testosterone-fueled teenager, but what society will euphemistically refer to as an older person. And a professor at that.

Prof Tom Winter was zipping around the University of Nebraska campus on his skateboard when a student took a photo of him in action. According to Know your meme, the photo first appeared on Reddit and then various websites, before turning viral. The local newspaper, JournalStar, even ran an article on him.

So what’s that got to do with the library? Well, the library is holding a meme contest until 15 April, and I decided to use Prof Winter as my inspiration:

Of course, you can use any meme generator and any image to create a library-related meme. The best meme as voted on the Facebook page will win! Remember to check out the details of the contest here. (Editor’s note: Oops sorry, do check out the judging criteria plus rules and regulations, as popularity is not a guarantee).

P.S.: If you’re hungry for fame, then be like Prof Winter and do something meme-worthy. Just don’t wait 20 years for someone to take a photo of you.

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