Bizad Academic Fair and Roadshow (and we will be there too!)

Welcome, welcome, all ye newbies!

Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library (HSSML), your very own business library, welcomes our new students to a brand new year of lots of learning and discovering.

Come and get to know us at the Bizad Academic Fair and Roadshow on Mon, 1 Aug, betwen 5-7pm, at the Mochtar Riady Building foyer.

We will have a booth there and will be handing out the NUS Library Guides (How many libraries are there in NUS?, Who do I contact if I need help?, etc) and HSSML Fact Sheets (“Where is the Loans Desk? Where are your books?, etc).

And every year, we have little freebies to give away.

Here are some pics of our friends getting ready for the roadshow.

This is Wai Kit, our new librarian, doing his new librarian thing of preparing for orientation.


Wai Kit getting his costume ready. Yup, folks, he is going to be walking around wearing this fake giant book.


Murni is getting the library guides, fact sheets and freebies ready.


The freebies this year is a really cute pack of mini highlighters and baby stapler.


See you!

  1. Wai Kit

    So honoured to be mentioned….

  2. Ruby Seng

    Trust TNL to use you as a poster boy. Pardon the freudian slip!

  3. The giant fake book looks funny here!

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