Open House & the Importance of Libraries

The annual NUS Open House 2010 returned on the weekend of 13 & 14 March. It aimed to provide an opportunity for prospective NUS students to visit the campus and speak with teaching staff about the plethora of subjects available.

University Librarian, Ms Sylvia Yap (gamely wearing a red wig) and Librarian Winnifred Wong

NUS Libraries supported this event by being part of the “Life on Campus” booth. Besides showcasing the upcoming University Town, NUS Libraries, Office of Student Affairs, and NUS Second Life demonstrated that grades, assignments, coursework, research, etc. are just one aspect of university life. Wait a minute! You mean there are more reasons to use the library than to get compulsory readings? Indeed, why should it matter if the university I choose has a good library or not?

In Singapore, many of us take libraries for granted. At a conference that I attended last year, many Southeast Asian librarians mentioned that the libraries in Singapore—both public and academic—are the envy of many countries. Good libraries require a visionary foresight and long-term commitment of resources. Like good wine, a library becomes better over time and can be appreciated only when imbibed.

The collections of NUS Libraries are closely tied to the coursework and research needs of the university community. Over time, we gain experience and expertise in subject areas and beyond, which translate into all aspects of our service to NUS students and staff. This makes a lot of difference when you are looking for relevant data in oceans of information. So when choosing a university for your studies, don’t forget to consider how its libraries can fulfil your needs!

Winnifred Wong
Central Library
Photos by Ken Cheong

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