NUS Society of Social Work Exhibition

Exhibition title: Trapped by Situations: Freed by Your Actions
Groups: NUS Society of Social Work with Institute of Mental Health (IMH) and Promoting Alternatives to Violence (PAVE)
Date: 8 to 22 March
No of Works: 11

Some of the artworks on display

Trapped by Situations, Freed by Your Actions educates the public about the challenges faced by some in Singapore who are forgotten by society. The artistic products of our beneficiaries are showcased, symbolic of their strengths and talents, as well as the challenges which prevent them from realising their potentials. In partnership with other stakeholders, social work professionals rehabilitate our beneficiaries and integrate them into society, helping them to become dignified and self-actualising individuals.

The butterfly motif used in the exhibition title symbolises our belief in an inclusive and cohesive society, where everyone knows that all individuals matter. Similar to how a butterfly breaks out of its cocoon and roams freely, we help our beneficiaries overcome their challenges to achieve freedom for a more fulfilling future.

Taha Mattar
President, 23rd Executive Committee
Society of Social Work Students

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