A Tortoise at Central Library

Or rather a “tor-toy-ise” as my bunch of Sec 4s said trying in vain to distract me from giving them a comprehension exercise. These kids!

But I digress….Yes, folks, a tortoise! And what a tortoise it is too!

All through vacation, as we got off the bus in front of Central Library, we saw it growing. From its steely skeleton to its large canvas-like shell being hoisted up, it was a lovely prelude to its birthing as we wondered what would be revealed before us.

And today, as TNL got off 151, a quiet, little “Wow” got out too. There it was this dome-like creature standing all beige and steady. Walking under the canopy and looking up, the first thing that came to mind was how nice if it was to stay this way – all spacious and airy underneath and all light and cheery above.

You see, the practicalities of campus life hit home. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that any single space on campus in possession of good traffic flow, must be in want of a campus event.

For all those who have been holding their breath with trepidation, fearing the loss of good feng-shui or mourning the passing of the old, and oh no, the crowds, the crowds – let TNL persuade you to look for the light and the whimsical, the lovely contrasts of curves and lines.

Stand at the bus stop in front of Comp Centre (all of you working at Comp Centre, look out your window) or even along the brick pavement on Central Library’s side. Focus on the curved dome of the tortoise and then, let your eyes lead you to the straight, sharp vertical lines of Central Library’s columns. See how the curves soften breaking the stiltedness. Just let your eyes travel, sweeping gently along the edges of the library and that of the dome. Imagine touching the soft beige canvas-y shell and the cool feel of the little chips of white tiles on the library’s columns.

Step back, look at the whole picture again.

Now, doesn’t that deserve a smile and a quiet, little “Wow”?

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