Tell me – should I be worried? No? Well, my panic level just went up a notch last Monday at the PHD orientation.

Prior to the orientation, I had asked lecturers teaching PHDs this semester what they wanted me to cover in my briefing. Two of them replied. One felt Web of Science must be mentioned. The other thought plagiarism. So I did both.

With PHDs, I always go for the loose and casual instead of the scripted. As far as I am concerned, PHDs are a highly motivated, focused lot. You teach them one thing and they grasp it in a second and ask you 2, 3 questions in return. They have stuff in the old noggin that will throw you out of orbit and man, you sure have to keep up. That’s the fun part.

So, tell me, should I be worried when they tell me they have not heard of Web of Science? Plagiarism? The room was quiet and still. No, I guess I shouldn’t worry. Right?

  1. Adrian

    Perhaps they were just being shy when you asked them the questions? Whenever a teacher asks a question to students, usually none of them would raise their hands.

  2. The Naked Librarian

    Nahhh… they weren’t shy. PHDs are never shy. Haha! That’s a compliment, guys. They did ask questions. But you know, we librarians we worry about everything and anything. Well, at least, I do.

  3. Maggie Yin

    Yah NL, you are a perfectionist! Spare a thought for the rest of us lesser mortals 🙂

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